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  • Sennheiser TVS200 Earbuds_Streamer
  • Sennheiser TVS200 EarbudsIn OpenCaseAngledView
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Sennheiser TVS 200


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For hearing aids, this price is per hearing aid.

  • Advanced speech clarity
  • Full control: choose ambient sound or noise reduction
  • Wireless freedom and comfort
  • Use with almost any Bluetooth device
  • Connect with any TV or wireless device
With hearing aids: 1st adjustment included.
Free chat service with audiologist 7 days a week until 22:00
Low prices guaranteed
2 year guarantee on all hearing aids.
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Pros and Cons


Sennheiser TVS 200

Discover the Sennheiser TVS 200 earbuds and TV and multimedia streamer

Welcome to the Sennheiser TVS 200 earbuds with streamer, your perfect companion for an unparalleled TV and multimedia experience! Whether you enjoy movies, sports or just relaxing in front of the TV in the evening, these compact wireless earbuds with TV streamer will lift your viewing and listening experience to the next level. Say goodbye to those clunky old headphones!

Advanced speech clarity

The Sennheiser TVS 200 gives you crystal-clear sound with no compromises. Thanks to Sennheiser's Speech Clarity technology, you’ll never miss a word. Choose from five different profiles to adjust the TV sound exactly to your liking.

Control your TV environment

Ambient Awareness Mode allows you to hear what’s going on in the room around you as you watch. So you’ll never miss the doorbell or the phone ringing. But you can also use the Ambient Awareness Mode to block out any distractions using the passive noise reduction option.

The earbuds include volume buttons and you can use the app to personalize your listening experience.

Wireless freedom and comfort

Wave goodbye to tangled cables and limited freedom of movement. These True Wireless earbuds set a new standard in comfort and convenience. The Sennheiser TVS 200 earbuds give you a wireless range of up to 15 metres. Stay connected to your TV and other multimedia and never miss a moment, even if you’re heading to the kitchen for a snack.

Suitable for all your multimedia

The streamer connects to your TV’s audio output (analogue and optical). This makes it compatible with almost any device. And because the earbuds support Bluetooth, you can also use them to make calls on your smartphone or multimedia streaming.

Extra-long playing time

The Sennheiser TVS 200 is always ready for you to use, with an impressive battery life of up to 15 hours on a single charge. You can also get an additional 22 hours of usage time by charging them with the TVS 200 chargers. That gives you a total of 37 hours of crystal-clear audio, without having to plug into a power supply.

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Duration of use

Up to 15 hours

Pros and Cons

  • Advanced speech clarity
  • Full control: choose ambient sound or noise reduction
  • Wireless freedom and comfort
  • Use with almost any Bluetooth device
  • Connect with any TV or wireless device

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