What to consider when picking out your domes

Do the domes of your hearing device sometimes hurt inside your ear?

These tiny silicone or rubber caps that sit inside the ear to amplify sound and hold the hearing device in place could cause pain if you have an incorrect fit or due to an accumulation of earwax.

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Domes for hearing aids come in different shapes

Open dome: allows more natural sounds to pass through, giving you a more natural and clear sound, less bass, softer own voice, less chewing sounds, but more squeaking. Often recommended for low to moderate hearing loss.

Closed dome (also applies to Tulip): closed domes generally provide ambient noise/noise. Occluded and Vented domes are semi-closed domes. Amplifies low-frequency sounds giving you warmer sound, less squeaking and louder own voice and chewing sounds. These variants are often recommended for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Power dome: completely closes off the ear canal so there is no ventilation. This gives you more hearing amplification with the least ambient noise/noise, more bass, louder own voice and chewing sounds. Often recommended for severe to profound hearing loss.

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Choosing the right size of dome

Choosing the right size: if the dome is too large, you may experience pain in your ear, voices sound too deep and the dome may get stuck. If you can take
the dome out of your ear with ease, or you feel like it's falling out, then the dome is too small. The ideal dome stays in the ear without hurting.

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Don't remember which dome you are currently using?

Do you have a dome that fits perfectly but can't remember which one it is? Here you can download the product information that shows all the domes in their actual size.

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