Second-hand hearing aids

In line with our mission to make good hearing accessible to everyone, we offer second-hand premium refurbished hearing aids. These are all manually inspected by an audiologist on 18 different aspects. Any components that do not pass inspection are replaced. After this inspection and any repairs, the hearing aid comes with a 1-year warranty and is as good as new again.

Range of second-hand hearing aids

Our range of second-hand hearing aids changes every day. Would you like to know which hearing aids we currently offer? Send us an e-mail with a short description of the type of hearing aid you are looking for. We will gladly help you find the best hearing solution!

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Why choose a second-hand hearing aid

There are several reasons why people might choose to purchase a second-hand hearing aid. Here are some possible benefits of purchasing a second-hand hearing aid:

Reduce expenses: Second-hand hearing aids are generally cheaper than new ones. This can be especially attractive if you are looking for an affordable solution to hearing loss.

Environmentally friendly: By choosing second-hand products, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and help reduce environmental impact.

Earlier generation models: Sometimes older models of hearing aids are still effective and may be suitable for certain hearing needs.

Questions about second-hand hearing aids

Is purchasing a second-hand hearing aid as good as a new one?

Yes, because the hearing aids are inspected by a certified audiologist on 18 different points, the device is given the "premium refurbished hearing aid" seal of approval. This seal is only given if the hearing aid performs as well as the new version.

What kind of warranty is there on a second-hand hearing aid?

We renew the 1-year manufacturer's warranty free of charge. 

What is the hearing aid checked on?

A certified audiologist checks the hearing aid on 18 different aspects. Not only the technology inside the device, but also the housing and the loudspeaker (speaker).

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