Hearing complaints

Have you not been hearing properly for a long time or do you feel that your hearing is slowly deteriorating? You may recognize that sounds sound different than they did before. Then you experience hearing complaints. Some hearing complaints are temporary, such as a beep or buzzing after going out, other hearing complaints are permanent. The first step you can take is to see a doctor or a hearing care professional to have your hearing tested.

Different types of hearing complaints

Hearing complaints come in different forms. Some people are less able to hear all the sound, some people no longer hear a whisper and some people experience pain from loud noise. Hearing impairment and hearing complaints are not always permanent, but often they are. There is a broad spectrum of hearing impairment, in which we distinguish between mildly hard of hearing and severely hard of hearing. Many people take into account that as they get older their hearing will deteriorate, yet there are many other factors that can cause your hearing to deteriorate.

Hearing complaints due to noise

In many professions, people spend all day between machines that produce loud noise. After a long period of working at such a job, it is not surprising that hearing complaints can arise. Also, many musicians and people working in the music industry eventually develop hearing loss due to incorrect wearing of earplugs. Motorcyclists are often unaware of it, but the wind that blows past their helmets is also quite noisy. This can also cause hearing problems in the long run.

Hearing complaints due to a temporary condition

Do you suffer from an ear infection? Then you probably experience temporary hearing complaints. If you often suffer from infections, it is useful to test your hearing after an ear infection, so you know whether your hearing is not affected. In addition, a ruptured eardrum can also cause hearing complaints. Usually an eardrum can repair itself within three months, otherwise your doctor will refer you to an KNO-specialist. A growth in your ear or too much wax can also cause you to experience temporary hearing problems.

Hearing complaints due to a chronic condition

Hearing loss can be caused by diseases such as Meniere’s disease where people slowly lose their hearing. In addition, diabetes, heart problems or high blood pressure can also cause hearing loss.

Hearing complaints due to medication

Hearing loss can be caused by diseases such as Meniere’s disease where people slowly lose their hearing. In addition, diabetes, heart problems or high blood pressure can also cause hearing loss.

The difference between hard of hearing and deafness

Not all hearing complaints get worse. In the elderly, hearing may deteriorate every year or with medical conditions, but this is not the case for everyone. We speak of deafness when you can no longer hear anything at all.

Approach to hearing complaints

If you experience hearing loss in one or both ears, it is a sign that you may be suffering from hearing impairment. Loud noise can also feel sharp and it can be difficult to distinguish background noise from the conversation you are conducting. If your hearing is bothering you, you usually go to a doctor first, after which you will be referred to an ENT specialist for a form of hearing examination. Or you visit a hearing care professional for a hearing test. The first thing is to find out what caused the impaired hearing and whether it is temporary or permanent. During the hearing examination, conditions such as Meniere’s disease are also easily excluded.

What are the consequences of hearing complaints for you?

Many people walk around with hearing problems for too long because they fear that they need a hearing aid. Not everyone with hearing complaints needs a hearing aid, which is why it is important to see a hearing care professional or general practitioner immediately when in doubt about a poor hearing. It’s always better to prevent than to treat! Still need a hearing aid? Technological developments are so far that no one needs to notice that you are using a hearing aid. Especially with mild hearing impairment, the options are huge! With a well-adjusted hearing aid that fits your ear canal perfectly, you can fully enjoy life and your surroundings again. And all this with good hearing!

Do you find it difficult to deal with your impaired hearing? Then you can ask for a referral to an audiology center. You can go to this center for support and stories from fellow sufferers. In addition, this is also a place where hearing tests and hearing examinations are carried out.

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