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What are the best hearing aids in 2023?

Discover in this article the top 10 hearing aids you can buy. At we think it is important that everyone can enjoy the beautiful and unique sounds of the world around us. Due to the wide range of products, there will be a suitable hearing aid for every hearing loss. With our diverse range of hearing aids, from brands such as Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex en Signia We know how to provide everyone with a beautiful, unique and personalized hearing aid. In addition, we know that every ear or hearing problem is different and therefore we will always give you personalized advice. With us you pay the best price for each hearing aid. Have you found a cheaper hearing aid online? Tell us and we will send you a cheaper offer!

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Starkey Evolv

The Starkey Evolv hearing aids can, in addition to everything related to hearing,  understand and live translate in 27 languages, measure heart rate, give health advice and much more. The hearing aid tested best with speech in noise (understanding speech).

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Widex Sheer Moment

When we talk about special hearing aids, we are talking about the Widex Sheer Moment. This amazing device is a self-learning device  and therefore one of our most unique and special hearing aids in our shop. In addition to storing the user's preferences, the self-learning hearing aid prioritizes the most important sound sources. In addition, it is the first hearing aid that does not sound like a hearing aid because the delay that is present in a normal hearing aid is no longer present in the Widex Sheer Moment.
Great for loud and soft sounds. The hearing aids are also super easy to control via the app, which you can easily download to your smartphone. When you choose a Widex Sheer Moment hearing aid, you are assured of a wonderful hearing aid that lets you enjoy the beautiful sounds around you.

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Resound Omnia 961

In addition to revolutionary speech intelligibility, the ReSound OMNIA RIE 961 hearing aid offers other advantages. For example, the hearing aid has Bluetooth and the ReSound OMNIA RIE 961 hearing aids can be connected to Apple and Android devices. With the introduction of the ReSound OMIA hearing aids, there will also be new features in the ReSound Smart 3D App. The latest feature is "Check My Fit". With this feature, the app will show if you are wearing your ReSound OMNIA hearing aid correctly.

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What about reimbursement for your hearing aid?

If you have questions about reimbursement for your hearing aid, want to understand hearing loss, or how best to purchase hearing aids from supplemental insurance, we would be happy to help. Feel free to contact us or take a look at our frequently asked questions. Perhaps you will find the answer to your question there. For general information, you can also read our terms and conditions.



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