Hearing aid on trial? Do a price check here!

Are you currently trying out a hearing aid at an audiologist (chain)? You can do the same with us, but with a lot less effort! Because we can arrange everything for you online, so you don't have to leave your house every time you need help with your hearing aid. Especially during a trial period you want to know quickly whether everything is to your liking before you have to make a decision. Fill in the details of the offer here and we will make you a better offer!

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Hearing aid on trial? Do a price check here!

After you receive our attractive offer, we can help you (if desired) finalize your trial period at the hearing store. How does this work?

  1. You order the hearing aid you have on trial with us.
  2. We will make an appointment to set up the hearing device for you.
  3. You take the hearing device and any accessories you have on trial with you to the appointment you made with us.
  4. After the appointment, you take the new hearing aids home with you.
  5. We return the devices from the other audiologist and wrap things off neatly. Of course, we provide a receipt from your previous hearing care professional.

This service is free of charge.

Transfer service

Let us know via chat, email or phone which hearing aid you currently have on trial and we'll let you know what these hearing aids cost with us. Would you rather do this yourself? Of course you can! Search for the hearing aid in the search field at the top and see for yourself that our prices are much lower.

Lowest price guarantee
Suppose you have found a lower price for the hearing aid somewhere, please let us know. We guarantee the lowest price.

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