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With every hearing aid order, Online-HearingAids.com donates to the Child Welfare Organization Nepal (CWON) foundation.
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Main Impact results

As a family business, we have been working hard on our vision since 1998: making good hearing accessible to everyone in the world. But what exactly does this mean? Discover our projects and the impact we make. A selection of the impact we have achieved:

More than 130

people trained in Audiometry

It starts with better education. For example, we teach audiometry and teach people how to take hearing tests, make earpieces and repair hearing aids.

More than 2000

hearing aids donated

For every hearing aid sold, we currently donate to the Nepal Foundation for Better Hearing Worldwide. In recent years, we have also made major contributions to other projects where we donated hearing aids abroad.

More than 6600

helped people in third world countries to get a better hearing

The combination of donating hearing aids and providing training makes good hearing accessible.

1998 Kenya

Project Eardrop Foundation

According to the Novib method, our impact starts with “better education”. In collaboration with the Eardrop Foundation, we taught audiometry and taught people how to take their own hearing tests, make earmolds and how to repair hearing aids themselves. The focus of this initiative was aimed at children with hearing impairment.

2002 Indonesia

Project Bertha Muller School With Former Teacher

For this project we collected hearing aids for 2 schools for the hearing impaired in Indonesia. This was in combination with material for making ear impressions and batteries for hearing aids. At the time, this was in collaboration with a former teacher at the Bertha Muller School in Utrecht Netherlands, which is now called the Auris Fortaal school in Utrecht.

2018 to present Nepal

Project Child Welfare Organisation Nepal (CWON)

For every hearing aid sold on our website, we donate to Child Welfare Organization Nepal (CWON). We also collect and refurbish old hearing aids and donate them to Child Welfare Organization Nepal. In 2021, a group of Online Hearing Aid Hearing Aid professionals in Nepal will teach audiometry to teach the local population how to independently set up, adjust and repair hearing aids.

2023 Nepal

Audiological trip to Nepal

In March 2023 two hearing care professionals from Online-HearingAids.com will travel to Nepal. We organize a hearing week together with some local activists. During this hearing week we go to a different village every day. The local population is called upon to report if they have hearing problems. Our hearing care professionals will then conduct hearing tests and set up and donate hearing aids to the local population.


Meet the people who want to make good hearing accessible to everyone.

Michel Makker
Co-Founder & Hearing care professional

Just Makker
Co-Founder & Hearing care professional

Guido Makker
Co-Founder & Hearing care professional

Gijs Makker
Co-Founder & Hearing care professional

Tamara Luckel Tong Sang

Amber Miltenburg
Hearing care professional

Jerry Svensson

Anne-Claire Makker van Keulen

Zelda Molenaar
Hearing care professional

Do you have an old hearing aid to donate?

Help and donate your old hearing aid to charity! All hearing aids collected are donated to Child Welfare Organization Nepal (CWON) and are combined with audiometry teaching so that the local population can set up, adjust and repair these hearing aids themselves. Together we make good hearing accessible to everyone. Click on the button below and send us an email or send it directly to:

Online Hearing Aid & CWON
Nickel Street 43
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