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What does the warranty include at Online-HearingAids.com?

All hearing aids in our assortment come with a standard 2 year manufacturer's warranty as well as a sales warranty starting on the day of purchase. All hearing aids have a worldwide warranty during the first year. Should you discover a defect with your hearing aid within the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge. Of course, it will be examined whether this is part of normal use or whether the defect is due to improper handling.

All accessories and chargers have a standard warranty of 2 years. For hearing aid speakers there is a 1-year warranty.

In addition to the factory warranty, the legal warranty also applies. The legal warranty means that a product is or should do what the consumer can reasonably expect it to do.

The manufacturer's warranty and any added warranty do not affect the legal warranty.

You can extend your hearing aid warranty. While ordering your hearing aids, you can choose an additional 2 - 5 year warranty extension. The additional warranty costs 99 euros per hearing aid or 199 euros per hearing aid outside the EU. This gives you 3 years more coverage against malfunctions in addition to the 2-year standard warranty. Did you forget to order the 2 - 5 year additional warranty within the 2-year standard warranty timeframe? No problem. Click below to extend the warranty for 1 or 2 hearing aids.


Protect your hearing aids for 5 years

What counts as proof of warranty?

The proof of purchase counts as proof of warranty. This also applies to the 2 - 5 year warranty extension service from Online-HearingAids.com. The warranty is calculated from the day of purchase on the invoice. You can find the relevant invoice in your personal account. Log in to see your invoice.

Returnperiod of a defective hearing aid

The return period is 60 days for hearing aids and 14 days for accessories and spare parts. If you have a defective product within the return period, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. If your product is outside the return period, please read our page: How does the repair process work?

Read our Return Policy

What are the repair costs?

The cost of the repair is free if it is within the warranty period. Unless in case of improper use, then there will be a charge for the repair.

In addition, we charge a fixed repair fee for hearing aids that are up to 5 years old, see below. Is your hearing aid older than that? Please contact us by phone for a customized repair quote.

Is the repair of your hearing aid outside of its warranty period? Then the fixed price is €145,- per device per repair (excl. shipping costs and possible customs clearance costs). Again, if the device is defective due to improper use, the costs will be higher. At Online-HearingAids.com you can get 3 years extra warranty extension for an amount of €99,- within Europe and €199,- outside Europe, regardless of the number of repairs.

How do I report a defective product?

You can report to our customer service department that your product is defective or malfunctioning. In case of a hearing aid, there may also be something else going on. Often the filter is blocked by earwax, the speaker is defective or there is moisture in the hearing aid. We therefore always ask you to go through our checklist before reporting a defective hearing aid. Click on the button below to go through the checklist and fix the most common problems yourself.

Complete the checklist

Is your hearing aid still defective after going through this checklist? Then check the following page:

How does the repair process work?

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