Hearing loss

Do you suffer from hearing loss? You are not alone! Around the world, 1 in 10 has hearing loss due to noise, loud music, old age and / or other things. Hearing loss is therefore very common in society. Headphones, ear pods, events, music festivals and concerts ensure that young people at an earlier age come into contact with loud noise, which is harmful. Listening to your favorite music is best for many people when the volume is very loud. Getting hearing loss is faster than you think. It is therefore not surprising that we advise more and more people of various ages with a suitable (and as far as possible invisible) hearing aid . For example the Starkey Livio or the Widex Moment .

What is hearing loss anyway?

There are cilia in the cochlea. The cilia converts incoming sound in the brain for the brain, so that you can hear. In case of hearing loss due to loud noise or loud music, these cilia are damaged. Sometimes you can restore the condition of your cilia with peace of mind, but that does not always work. Serious damage to your cilia makes you less able to hear and sometimes you can also suffer from ringing in the ears.

When do you get hearing loss?

Noise is the main and most common cause of hearing loss. Everyone knows that it is wiser to wear hearing protection to festivals, concerts and when going out. Yet it does not happen much in practice. Fortunately, we see a positive trend in which more and more people use hearing protection and where more attention is paid to wearing earplugs at music events. Ofcourse, loud noises do not only occur at events. Many people work daily, next to or with machines that constantly produce loud noise. Or motorcyclists, also motorcyclists are at risk of hearing loss. The sound of the wind past their helmet is often louder than 85 decibels. But when is noise harmful? This is from 80 decibels. And from 120 decibels, sound can permanently damage your hearing within a few moments. Then you have hearing loss. Do you work with loud noise around you? Then consider custom earplugs to protect your ears.

Other causes of hearing loss

Not only loud noise and music are important causes of hearing loss. There are other causes that can lead to hearing loss. Some hearing loss is temporary and some will be permanent. Science is hard at work researching how to restore hearing loss, but we’re not that far at the moment. A hearing aid can ensure that you can hear better.

The forms of hearing loss

In general, we divide hearing loss into light hard of hearing, average hard of hearing and severely hard of hearing. In contrast to being deaf, where you cannot hear anything anymore, hearing loss occurs in varying degrees. Hearing worse due to hearing loss is not always literally hearing less than you did before. In some cases it also ensures that you perceive sound differently. Loud sounds can be more shrill and painful to perceive, it can be difficult to distinguish background noise or speech, and you can become hypersensitive to normal noise. This hypersensitivity is called hyperacusis. In addition, you can also suffer from distortion where the sound is distorted. There are also many people who suffer from diplacusis, where you hear differently with each ear.

Prevent hearing loss

There are a number of symptoms that indicate when you have heard too loud a noise. A beep or noise is the most common symptom. Take care of your hearing, because you only have one set of ears! Prevent hearing loss by always wearing custom earplugs or wearing headphones when the sound is loud. This reduces the risk of hearing damage. Hearing loss above 100 decibels occurs within minutes, which you can easily experience during a night out with your favorite music. When listening to music, make sure you never set the volume to 100%, teach yourself to listen to less loud music.

Service of Online-Hearingaids.com

Have you had the feeling that you have suffered hearing loss for a long time? Then come to our store in Naarden and take a hearing test. After this, we will look at which hearing aids suit you best. Don’t want to go back to the store again and again to have your device adjusted? We neither! That is why we set up your hearing aid for you once, which is included in the price. Normal hearing care professionals assume at least three adjustments, which means that the price of these hearing aids is higher. We have an eye for your ears !

Permanent hearing loss, now what?

Have you had a hearing test for hearing loss and it turned out that you suffer from hearing loss? Fortunately, there are many good hearing aids to help you. What is especially important is that you take better care of your hearing. Bring earplugs if you think the sound will be too loud somewhere. Or just take earplugs everywhere you go. Rather bring a set than the next day a ring in your ears because the sound was too loud. Hearing aids come in many different sizes and designs. That’s why nowadays you don’t have to walk around with a very large hearing aid that is clearly visible. Every year we still meet people who postpone buying a hearing aid out of shame. This is not necessary for anything. At Online-HearingAids.com we have hearing aids that are in the ear canal, of which you don’t see anything at all!

Hearing loss and want to make an appointment with the hearing care professional?

Do you suffer from hearing loss or do you suspect that you have a hearing loss? Then make an appointment with the hearing care professional. This can be done physically, but also with a no-obligation video call.

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