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There are useful aids for people with hearing loss in different stages. These can be used when you are not wearing a hearing aid . The range can be divided into TV aids and telephone aids. These handy products can help you in daily life and can improve your quality of life or facilitate daily activities.

TV aids

The Sennheiser brand sells listening aids or hearing amplifiers. The hearing amplifier can be connected to a TV or other sound source to amplify the sound. We have models with a chin bar or models that come in the form of headphones.

Phone tools

In the collection of telephone aids you can go to for handy gadgets. For example, we have fixed telephones and mobile telephones for the hearing impaired. These special telephones can be extra loud, so you can just make a phone call. We also sell telephone amplifiers that amplify the sound. Even with declining hearing, you can still use your current telephone.

Other resources

One of the indispensable tools are our wake-up and warning systems. As a result, you do not sleep well in the day, but you wake up on time. These products work, for example, with a vibrating disc or an extra loud alarm. In addition, we also have a tool especially for people who suffer from tinnitus. The Soundpillow is a pillow that makes sleeping easier for people with tinnitus by means of boxes in the pillow. This masks the beep, noise, or hum that people perceive with tinnitus.


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Hearing aid brands

Hearing aid brands
  • Widex (5)
  • Oticon (12)
  • Bernafon (4)
  • Phonak (88)
  • ReSound (24)
  • Signia (33)
  • Starkey (13)
  • Unitron (11)

Type of Hearing aid

Type of Hearing aid
  • Receiver in ear (139)
  • Behind the ear (33)
  • In Ear (14)

Product System

Product System
  • R -rechargeable (2)

Remotely adaptable

Remotely adaptable
  • Yes (128)
  • No (50)

Noise/Tinnitus mask

Noise/Tinnitus mask
  • Yes (168)
  • No (7)


  • Yes (93)
  • No (84)

Type of hearing loss

Type of hearing loss
  • Medium Weight (165)
  • Mediocre (159)
  • Light (157)
  • Heavy (144)
  • Very heavy to deaf (12)

Can be Linked to iPhone?

Can be Linked to iPhone?
  • Yes (165)
  • No (14)

Can be linked to Android?

Can be linked to Android?
  • Yes (163)
  • No (15)


  • Yes (66)
  • No (33)
  • Optional (17)

CROS/BICROS Compatible

CROS/BICROS Compatible
  • No (134)
  • Yes (38)
Phonak Roger On

This product can only be used in combination with a Phonak receiver)


Phonak Roger select

(This product can only be used in combination with a Phonak Adult X, we need your hearing aids to connect them)


Phonak Roger Pen

This product can only be used in combination with a Phonak receiver)


Phonak PartnerMic

(This product can only be used in combination with the Phonak Paradise and Phonak Marvel hearing aids)


Unitron uDirect 3

(This product can only be used in combination with the Moxi All hearing aids)



(This product can only be used in combination with Phonak rechargeable hearing aids)


Unitron TV Connector
  • Streams sound from TV directly to hearing aids
  • Direct connection between TV and hearing aids
  • Suitable for Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth
  • No minus


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