Lowest price guarantee

Have you found a cheaper hearing aid online?

Let us know by sending us an e-mail with the offer you found elsewhere and we will guarantee you a cheaper offer.

How come we are so cheap?

At Online-hearingaids.com, we offer premium hearing aids for relatively low prices. Therefore, we also do not sell to stores (where prices quickly increase due to the many middlemen) and focus only on selling via the Internet. As a result, we avoid unnecessary extra costs. This choice allows us to offer the lowest price guaranteed. Read here how and why we sell cheaper top brands of hearing aids.

Lowest price guarantee. What does that mean?

We are committed to having the best deals on hearing aids and making sure that good hearing is affordable for everyone. Have you found a hearing aid online or at your local hearing aid retailer that is cheaper than with us? Let us know and we'll send you a better offer. Sent us an email with the website link of the cheaper hearing aid or upload the quote and we will make you a better offer.


Below are the conditions under which we can offer you a better price as part of our lowest price guarantee.

  • We do not consider third party offers of used or defective hearing aids as comparable offers.
  • Comparable offers must come from a traditional retail hearing store or a hearing aid web shop within Europe.
  • The comparable offer will be sent to us by email.
  • The offer received elsewhere must be a hearing aid that is new, undamaged and in its original packaging.
  • Comparable offers must be easily comparable to our offer, for example: it must be clear if shipping costs are included, if the first setting is put in and if the 2 year warranty is included.
  • The lowest price guarantee cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • Once purchased from us, we will not accept similar third-party offers.
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