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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Quality service

How quickly can I visit an audiologist if I want to make an appointment?
In a few days.

How can you know which hearing aid is best for whom?
By uploading your audiogram and answering the questions at the order form correctly, we will give you an indication of a suitable hearing aid. It is also possible to report your wishes and hearing problems via the chat, in which case we will also be able to advise you on a suitable hearing aid. Before we process your hearing aid order, our Star certified audiologists will check whether this is really the best choice for you. Even if the appointment reveals that you have not made the right choice, you can still exchange it.
What is included in your service?
If you order a hearing aid, this will in any case include a first appointment. During this appointment we explain in detail how the hearing device works. If necessary, we also do a hearing test and adjust the device to your hearing loss. To make sure you can use your hearing aid right away, we also give you a packet of batteries. Also filters, 2 year warranty and domes are always included.
Why should I buy my hearing aid through
It is fast, easy, discreet and is fitted by highly experienced audiologists using the most modern techniques. Moreover, the prices are fair, low and transparent. You pay for what you use and nothing more. At, every order also results in a donation to Stichting Child Welfare Nepal and thus contributes to better hearing for a hearing impaired child or adult in Nepal.
Am I stuck with you as a hearing aid?
No. After you have bought your hearing device with us, you are always welcome to visit us. But of course you can take your hearing aid to any other hearing aid dispenser to have it adjusted or maintained. You will have to make an agreement with another hearing aid dispenser about this.
An in-store hearing care professional provides me with personalized service. I can go there as often as I want. Why should I still buy online at
It is fast, easy, discreet and is fitted by highly experienced audiologists using the most modern techniques. Moreover, the prices are fair, low and transparent. You pay for what you use and nothing more. At, every order also results in a donation to Stichting Child Welfare Nepal and thus contributes to better hearing for a hearing impaired child or adult in Nepal.

Can I come and visit you for free?
During the first (video) appointment we do an extensive hearing research, we adjust the hearing device completely to your hearing loss and you get an extensive instruction about the hearing device, this is included in the purchase price. If you want to visit us more often to talk to the audiologist or get advice, you can. We do charge a fee for this. In the price of the hearing device we do not include extra visits because that way we can keep the costs low for everyone. So you only pay for what you use. Fair enough, we think.

How do you guarantee service?
We employ highly experienced audiologists. The audiologists are available by phone for advice. The chat box is also online so you can ask questions directly to Star certified and specialized audiologists. There is even the possibility to use video chat to speak to each other.In our hearing centre in Naarden and at various other locations, our audiologists are also at your service. By appointment they can provide you with extensive advice and information.
How can you adjust a hearing aid properly if you have not seen or spoken to the hearing impaired person?
After you have placed your order, we will always contact you to discuss your wishes. You can also make a note of your wishes when you place your order. If you prefer to give your wishes in a different way, that is possible too. We will need the audiogram from you anyway. You can upload it during the order process or send it by email.

How do you prevent a hearing aid from ending up in a drawer and the hearing impaired person no longer using it?
A good explanation that comes with the hearing aid will inform you how to use it. We also have instructional videos to explain the use of hearing aids. Thanks to the chat box, telephone and e-mail possibilities, the hearing specialist is always nearby to help with questions. Also, consistent wearing of a hearing aid is very important; if you wear it occasionally, you will never be able to get used to the sound.
What happens if you don't understand how the hearing aid works?

Thanks to the chatbox, telephone and email options, the audiologist is always nearby to help with questions. Even video chatting is possible. We also have instructional videos to explain the use of hearing aids.

Do you also make custom pieces and how long is there a warranty on the fit?
Yes, we also do custom work. We invite you to visit our hearing centre in Naarden or a service point elsewhere in the country. Without prejudice to the statutory warranty, we provide an additional 2 months warranty on the fit.

How long does it take for custom work to be ready?
Customization takes about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the manufacturer.

Do you also ship to countries outside the European Union?
Yes, we do. With our online way of working, we can also ship to countries outside the European Union. However, you have to count on extra costs that are passed on to the customer by customs. The customs clearance costs from the relevant country are for the customer. The costs include:
- The customs administration fee.
- The VAT you have to pay to your country.
You have, as you can see on your invoice, not paid VAT yet. This is determined by the European Union.

How should I have the maintenance of a hearing aid done? (Replacing filters, replacing domes, replacing tubes)

Thanks to the chat box, telephone and email options, the audiologist is always close by to help with questions. But of course we will also explain the maintenance of the hearing aid to you when we meet you to adjust the hearing aid. We also have instructional videos to explain the use of hearing aids, in addition to the user guide you receive.
Of course you are always welcome to visit one of our service points.

How do you make sure that speakers, tubing, domes, earpieces and dishes fit the hearing impaired?

We have several possibilities for this. If you do not specify a size, we will send you the most common size. If that size turns out not to be a good fit, we will exchange it. You can also tell us the size. You can do this by sending us a picture of a speaker that fits you well. If you don’t have one, you can also use our measuring tool to measure how big the speaker needs to be. Or you can just send us a picture of the measuring tool at your ear. You can find the measuring-tool here.

Can I try out a hearing aid before buying it?
Yes. After receiving the hearing aid, you get 60 days to try out the hearing aid. Not satisfied? Money back!
How quickly can the hearing care professional adjust and send my hearing aid?
The hearing care professional will usually send your hearing aid set within a few days. You will receive a track and trace as soon as the hearing aid is in the mail.

Choice of hearing aid

How do I know what the best hearing aid is for me?
A hearing care professional can give you good advice on this. You can also receive automated advice from us about which hearing aid is most suitable for you. Based on a number of questions, we will show you the hearing aids we have recommended and a Star Certified Hearing Care Professional will always be present. You can then order and try these out. Not satisfied? Money back!
Many hearing aids seem to have a lot of features. How do I know they can do it all?
We like to think along with you. With every hearing aid you will find the rating that our audiologists give the hearing aid. This can vary from 1 to 5 thumbs up. Our specialized audiologists have also indicated per feature how they rate that specific function of the hearing device. This is indicated with stars.
What innovative things can a hearing aid do these days?
Today, hearing aids with enhanced music programs can make music sound more natural and beautiful. Wind noise canceler functionality helps the hearing impaired to suppress noise (e.g. wind on the bicycle) so that the sound you like to hear can be better heard. Hearing aids today can also recognize the hearing situation you are in and automatically switch to another program. And of course, there are more and more hearing aids that you no longer need to take out of your pocket to use a mobile phone. The hearing aids are then linked to your smart phone. Of course, hearing aids have many more innovative features. Our decision aid will help you choose the hearing aid with the features you need for everyday use.
Can I also compare hearing aids before making a decision?
Yes, you can. If you first make a selection on the left-hand side of of hearing aids that might be suitable for you, then you can compare the devices by ticking the ones you want to compare. You will then see the features of the different products next to each other, making it easier to compare them. Are you still having trouble making the right choice? Please contact us by phone or chat. Good to know: every order is reviewed by one of our audiologists. We will contact you in any case to check whether we think you have chosen the right hearing aid.

Can I order a hearing aid that you don't show on the website?
If you are looking for a specific hearing aid that we do not have as standard in our range, please contact us. Perhaps we can make you an offer.

If the hearing care professional reviewing your order feels that you should have made a different choice, we will consult with you.
Bij ons krijg je altijd één afstelling van jouw hoortoestel bij aanschaf van een hoortoestel. Wil je vaker (op afstand) met een audicien te spreken over het hoorapparaat en hoe deze misschien aan nog meer van je wensen kan voldoen, dan betaal je per gesprek. Voor een half uur rekenen wij 49 euro. Voor een uur betaal je 95 euro. Zo betaal je alleen voor dat wat je gebruikt, wel zo eerlijk.
Overigens komen onze klanten zelden terug omdat de 1e afstelling dankzij onze ervaring en innovatieve technieken meestal direct naar tevredenheid plaatsvindt.


How much cheaper is a hearing aid of in comparison with a hearing care professional around the corner?

Hearing devices are up to 40% cheaper at than at a hearing specialist in the store.

What does lowest price guarantee mean?

We sell the best hearing aids at the lowest price. We guarantee it! So have you received a better price in an offer/comparison elsewhere? We will at least match this price! Read the conditions here.

Why are hearing aids so cheap at
At you pay for the hearing aid and one extensive fitting by a Star certified audiologist. If you want more visits from a hearing care professional then you will pay for this separately.

Is there a charge if I return a hearing aid to
When you return the hearing aid within 30 days the full purchase amount will be refunded. When you have a custom made product, the costs of the earpiece (€59,-) or bowl (€89,-) will be charged. The cost of any checks with an audiologist will not be credited.
Why do you have to pay for the hearing aid right away when you can test it first?
In a webshop, you order products. We deliver and adjust the product to your hearing loss within a few days. As a service you will still get the chance to try out the product. Should you choose to return the product, we will refund the purchase price to your bank account within 14 days.
You can also choose to pay for your products when you pick them up.
What should the product look like if I want to return it?
The product must be returned in its original packaging, cleaned, including boxes, instructions and all accessories.
How does payment work at What do you mean by modular payment?

With us, you always get one fitting of your hearing aid when you purchase it. If you would like to speak to a hearing specialist more often (remotely) about the hearing aid and how it can meet your needs, you pay per conversation. For half an hour we charge 49 euro. For an hour, you pay 95 euros. This way you only pay for what you use, which is fair.
By the way, our customers rarely come back because our experience and innovative techniques make the first adjustment usually satisfactory.
With my previous audiologist I visited 10 times before the hearing aid was adjusted properly. If this is also the case with you, then it will be expensive. How do you deal with that?
If you expect to need more guidance and explanation than average, it may be that you end up paying as much or more than the audiologist around the corner.
However, with us you pay only 49 euros per half hour for an additional consultation. Since our hearing aid prices are up to 40% lower than the prices at the audicien in the shop, we remain a cheaper choice in almost all cases.
How is it possible that is cheaper?
Audiologists with a shop have much higher costs. The larger chains have to advertise heavily because they have a large number of shops. In addition, all hearing aid dispensers include multiple visits in the price of the hearing aid. We do not do that. It is not necessary for every hearing impaired person to visit an audiologist several times, so why should we include these costs in the price? You pay for what you use, which is fair.Want to read more about why we are cheaper? Then read on here.

Some large chains offer hearing aids "for free". How can still be cheaper?
A hearing device is never free. However, in some cases it can be fully reimbursed. Do not forget that you will have to pay your own risk of 385 euro anyway. Moreover, an insurer will only reimburse a hearing device once every 5 years. So you want to use an advanced hearing device now, but were reimbursed for a hearing device a few years ago? Then you are in any case not entitled to reimbursement. In that case, offers a solution, we offer hearing devices at competitive prices.The above only applies to Dutch customers. If you do not live in the Netherlands or are not insured in the Netherlands, the above does not apply.

What does a visit/video appointment cost?
During the first appointment (on location or remote) we perform an extensive hearing test. Then we adjust the hearing aid completely to your hearing loss and you get an extensive instruction about the hearing aid. This is all included in the purchase price. For physical follow-up visits you pay 49 euros per half hour and 95 euros per hour. A video appointment costs 35 euro.Experience shows that 95% of our customers do not return after the first adjustment because the setting was immediately right. This is also our aim.

Is really cheaper?
Yes and to explain that we ask you to take a look at this.

My Hearing

Will I get hearing loss because I am often surrounded by loud noise?
Yes. Without hearing protection, hearing damage can occur. This can be because you are surrounded by loud noise. Hearing damage can also occur when you are in an environment with a lot of noise for a long time. Do not only think about going to a concert, do not forget about noise at your work for example.

I think my hearing is impaired. What do I do now?
There are a number of things you can do if you think you have a hearing loss. What you should definitely not do is, nothing. Always take action. We recommend that you take an online hearing test. This will give you an initial indication of the state of your hearing. You can then take a professional hearing test at our audiologist in the hearing centre in Naarden (this is free when you buy a hearing aid). For this you can make an appointment. A hearing test can also be done at an ENT specialist or at another audicien. After the professional hearing test you can choose to try out a hearing device free of charge. A hearing care professional can help you decide which hearing aid to choose. Our online hearing care professional can also help you with this.

How do I notice that my hearing has decreased?
You usually notice this because you think that people are speaking less clearly, which makes it harder to understand them. You notice this first in a busy environment. Sometimes it is others who make comments about the volume of the TV, for example. If you would like to test your hearing, take our online hearing test to get an indication of the state of your hearing.
Will a hearing aid make my ears lazy?
No, it’s important to keep stimulating your ears.
How come my hearing is getting worse?
10% of the Dutch population has a hearing loss. In most cases, this is due to the aging process. But it can also have other causes.


Is there a warranty on the hearing aids?
Yes, there is a standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty on your hearing aids. You can purchase an additional 3-year warranty for a 5-year warranty. We always recommend purchasing an additional warranty of up to 2 - 5 years. Because a repair costs 145 euros per repair per hearing aid, the warranty buy-in is 99 euros within the EU and 199 euros outside the EU regardless of the number of repairs.
What if the hearing aid is broken, what should I do?

If the hearing aid stops working we ask that you first go through our checklist. This will fix most defects. If our checklist did not fix the problem, please read our page: How does the repair process work?

Is there a warranty on the charger of the hearing aids?
Yes, there is a 2 year warranty on hearing aid chargers.
Is there a warranty on hearing aid speakers?
Yes, there is a 1-year warranty on hearing aid speakers..

Is the warranty only available in the Netherlands?
No. The warranty is worldwide for the first year anyway. This means that you can also go to a local audiologist for a repair. The repair costs do not have to be charged. However, a hearing care professional may charge a handling fee.However, you are our customer and we recommend that you always contact us in person if your hearing instruments need to be repaired. We will be happy to solve the problem for you.


Do you get a reimbursement for a hearing aid from
Whether you will be reimbursed and the amount thereof depends on your policy. The chance of reimbursement is particularly high for restitution policies. Abroad, the chances of reimbursement are high.
Can I arrange reimbursement after purchasing from you?
Depending on your policy, you can apply for reimbursement from your health insurer. Please note: you may also be entitled to a tax refund from the tax authorities. Click here to see if you are entitled to a tax refund.

Can I still get a tax refund for the purchase of my hearing aid?
Whether you can get a tax refund for your hearing aid depends on your financial situation. Use our tax tool to see if you are entitled to a tax refund.

Helping others

Why does support the Child Welfare Nepal Foundation?
We are committed to making hearing aids and good hearing accessible to everyone. We know how important good hearing is. That’s why we offer hearing aids at a lower price, we offer the possibility to order online and we support a foundation that helps hearing-impaired adults and children in Nepal to have good hearing.

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