Advantages and disadvantages of different types of hearing aids

There are many types of hearing aids. We understand that as a customer you can no longer see the wood for the trees. To give you an idea of which different hearing aids are available on the market, we will explain the different types. Which models are there? What are the pros and cons of these hearing aids. What makes one hearing aid more suitable for you than another? Which type of hearing aid best suits your hearing loss.

The search for the best hearing aid starts with which hearing aid model you want to buy. Below are the different models of hearing aids and the abbreviations that are often mentioned:

  •   - In the ear hearing aid (ITE)
  •   - Behind the ear hearing aid (BTE)
  •   - The receiver in the ear hearing aids ( RIC aids / or RITE (in-ear loudspeaker)
  •   - Lyric

We will discuss these 4 models one by one  below. This will make it easier to find the best hearing aid.

In-ear hearing aids

In-ear hearing aids are called ITEs. These hearing aids are custom made. The hearing care professional makes an impression of your ear canal and this is sent to the hearing aid manufacturer. Every brand has in-ear hearing aids. An in-the-ear hearing aid is placed in the ear and is minimally visible to the outside world. The in-ear headphones are also available in an extremely small size. When there is enough space in your ear, they can make a hearing aid very small and very deep in your ear. There is then a drawstring with which you can easily remove the device from the ear. They call this CIC. Complete in the canal. An example of such a hearing aid is the Starkey Evolv AI 2400 CIC - Bluetooth.

Benefits in the ear:
  •   - Cosmetic beautiful / less visible
  •   - Sound is close to your eardrum, which gives a natural sound
  •   - You are not bothered by wearing glasses
  •   - You prevent irritations behind the auricle
  • Reduced by wind noise

Disadvantages in the ear:

  •   - An in-ear hearing aid can break down faster because all electronics are built in a shell and therefore a bit more vulnerable.
  •   - The is often very small, which can make maintenance difficult if you have less feeling in your fingers
  •   - If you produce a lot of earwax, the filter is quickly clogged and you have to replace it regularly.
  •   - The small hearing aid has a small battery that will drain faster
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Behind the ear hearing aids

The behind the ear hearing aids are the most well-known hearing aids. They are the hearing aids where you wear a system behind your ear with a connecting piece to your ear canal. This connection piece has a custom-made ear piece. The hearing care professional also makes an impression of your ear which is sent to the Lab. There they make a custom-made ear cup from acrylic material. An example of a hearing aid behind the ear is the Resound Linx 3d 988.

This By the way, the device is also remotely adjustable!

Advantages behind the ear:

  •   - The hearing aids are quite sturdy and the electronics are housed in the hearing aid case, making it well protected / few repairs
  •   - Simple cleaning operations, the only thing that requires maintenance are the earmolds. You clean these with water
  •   - The battery is larger than the batteries in the ear. They last longer
  •   - Because the hearing aid is slightly larger, more technology can be built in, such as induction loop mode for theater or multiple microphones so that you can better understand noise.

Disadvantages behind the ear:

  •   - The hearing aids are much more visible
  •   - The earmolds fill your ear canal so that wearing comfort can be experienced as less pleasant

The receiver in the ear hearing aids (RIC instruments/RITE (In-ear loudspeaker)

The RIC devices are also hearing aids that sit partly behind your ear. However, there is no connection hose attached to it, but a thin electronic wire. We are going to explain this to you first. Lesson in between!In order to bring sound to your ear canal, and then to be able to hear you properly, it is necessary that the sound is collected is transported by the hearing aid (behind the ear) to your ear canal. With BTE hearing aids, this is done through the connection piece. This is a tube through which sound can pass. The sound then travels through the tube to the custom earmold and is then released into your ear canal near your eardrum.  The RIC hearing aids are also behind your ear but have a different way of transporting sound. Here is another connection piece. A so-called loudspeaker. You should see a RIC device as a sound installation with speakers. The hearing aid is the sound system and the wire to your ears is the box that reproduces the sound in your ear. An example of a receiver in the ear is the Starkey Livio ai 2400 ric.  

Advantages of RIC devices:
  •   - No loss of sound
  •   - The hearing aids are often very small
  •   - The hearing aids are available in a rechargeable version
  •   - The RIC devices can now also be adapted for severe hearing losses
  •   - There are countless possibilities in terms of connectivity with your mobile phone
  •   - The wearing comfort is experienced as very pleasant

Disadvantages of RIC devices:

  •   - The speaker that disappears in the ear can sometimes get clogged with earwax.
  •   - The RIC devices are often a bit small, so you have to be able to handle them well


The Lyric is a bit of the jewel among the hearing aids!

This beautiful system is available in 7 different sizes. From XXS to XXL. A different size for each ear canal. The electronics are built into a kind of small capsule. Over this are two soft wings. So these wings are different sizes. Because the Lyric can be placed very far in your ear, it gives an optimal sound. The Lyric is placed by a Lyric specialist. The specialist is trained in “placing as deep as possible” of this special system! The Lyric is the only device that can withstand moisture. That is, you can shower with it, and you can even swim with it. No diving, but swimming.. with a nice small custom-made swimming cap.

Benefits Lyric:

  •   -May contribute to reduction of tinnitus
  •   - Natural hearing, because the lyric is placed close to your eardrum.
  •   -Invisible, but really invisible
  •   -Don't bother wearing your glasses, there's nothing behind your ear
  •   -You can wear the lyric 24/7
  •   -The lyric can be replaced worldwide (if you are on vacation), if the Lyric breaks down, you can check online where the nearest lyric specialist is. With your own Lyric ID number you can contact any lyric specialist
Disadvantages Lyric:
  •   -If diving is your biggest hobby , choose another device

Now you generally know which models/types of hearing aids are for sale and what the pros and cons are!

  •   -Do you think the cosmetic aspect is very important  then of course you go for the invisible hearing aid.
  •   -If you have a narrow ear canal, it is more pleasant to buy a RIC hearing aid.
  •   -If you put on and take off your glasses 100 times a day, then one is in the ear hearing aid may be the best hearing aid for you.
  •   -If you want to put aside all worries, invisibility comes first… then you should go for the Lyric!

Good luck with your search of the best hearing aid that suits your unique wishes and needs. Do you want even more hearing aid advice before you continue your search for the right hearing aid, you can always visit our site for more information .

Success in your search for a beautiful hearing aid that suits your needs!

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