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Why make a free ear mold appointment?

Custom made hearing aids require a personalized ear mold.  An ear mold can be necessary for a custom “in ear” or “behind the ear” hearing aid. Make your free personalized ear mold print to start your custom-fit hearing aid order.

IMPORTANT: Not all hearing aids require an ear mold.

Custom in ear hearing aids

A custom “in ear hearing aid” requires an ear mold for a personalized fit. The tailor made ear impression can either be made using a 3D scan or with a soft wax material that is inserted in the ear canal. Take a look at the different “in ear hearing aids” and find out which “in ear hearing aids” is best for you.


What is an earmold?

An earmold is an impression of the inner ear canal. An earmold impression can be made with a 3D scan or, in some cases, from a soft plastic or silicone material that hardens after a few minutes. Both can be used as an impression for a hearing aid in the ear.

Where can I have an earmold made?

An earmold can be made in any hearing aid store near you. At Online-HearingAids.com we offer you a free appointment for the production of an earmold if you order a hearing aid from a service point near you.

Is the earmold free?

Yes, if you order your hearing aids from Online-HearingAids.com, you will receive a free appointment to make an earmold at one of our service points.

Do all in-the-ear hearing aids require an earmold?

No, not all in-the-ear hearing aids require an earmold. There are also in-the-ear hearing aids that are ready to wear.

What is the difference between a custom-made in-the-ear hearing aid and an in-the-ear hearing aid that can be worn immediately?

An earmold is required for the custom-made hearing aids, which is why the ordering time is longer. The portable hearing aids can be ordered without an earpiece and have a shorter delivery time.
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