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We at Online-Hearingaids.com are committed to offer the best deals on hearing aids and ensuring that good hearing is affordable for everyone. For that reason, we offer premium hearing aids at fair prices. Therefore, we don't sell to stores (where prices quickly increase due to many middlemen) and focus only on selling over the Internet. This allows us to avoid unnecessary extra costs, including service fees. This choice allows us to offer the lowest price guaranteed.

When purchasing a hearing aid, you will receive 1x free hearing aid fitting as standard. This includes a hearing test. Would you like to use our service more often? See below for any additional costs.

Initial setup of your hearing aidFree
Extensive hearing testFree
Consultation Extra adjustment of hearing aid49 euro per half hour 95 euro for one hour
Hearing test If not purchase a hearing aid49 euro
Extend warranty From 2 years to 5 years99 euro per hearing aid, or 199 euro per hearing aid outside Europe for an unlimited amount of repairs
Repairs If not within warranty145 euro per repair per hearing aid
Repair of appliances older than 5 years or in case of damage caused by your own faultPrice on request
Additional remote setting (online) Only possible with hearing aids that are remotely adjustable35 euro
Earmolds and dishesFrom 60 euros

Do you want a concrete price indication? Then please contact us

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