What payment methods does online-hearingaids.com use?

It is important to us that you can use safe and trusted payment methods. You can place your order with us via ID, PayPal, Klarna (post-payment) and credit card (Mastercard/VISA).

If you use the Klarna payment option To offer you the Klarna payment options, we provide personal data, such as contact information and order information, to Klarna. This allows Klarna to assess your eligibility for the payment options offered through Klarna and customize the payment options to your needs. General information about Klarna can be found here: Klarna . Your personal data will be handled by Klarna in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and as specified in Klarna's Privacy Policy.

Your payment failed or declined?

Call our customer service department and we can review your order right away!

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, this is possible. With us, you can choose whether to pay all at once or in 2 installments. Do you want to pay all at once? Then you can pay before you receive the products or cash on delivery.
You can activate this option during the ordering process.

Would you like to pay in 2 installments? Then pay half of the amount when you place your order. After receiving your order you pay the other half. After receiving your order you will receive the invoice from us by e-mail.

Can I pay afterwards?

Yes, you can indicate at the time of your order that you want to pay when you pick up your order. Then you don't have to pay online. You can also choose to pay 100% of the order afterwards via Klarna.

Are you ordering from outside the EU? Then keep in mind that you have to bear the cost of customs clearance.

Can I return the products?

Yes, you can. If you return your hearing aid within 60 days, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. You can always test our hearing aids for 60 days. Are you not satisfied with your purchase after these 60 days? Then you can return the product to online-hearingaids.com. For other items, for example accessories from online-hearingaids.com, a return period of 14 days applies. If you return your hearing aid within 60 days, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

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How does online-hearingaids.com refund the money?

If you paid with iD, we will transfer the purchase amount to the same bank account. If you have used another payment method, we will contact you! Would you like to have your money transferred to another bank account? Don't hesitate to contact us immediately upon your return.

Do you have a question not listed here?

Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team!

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