What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is a graph or diagram depicting the results of the hearing. An ENT or hearing care professional can make an audiogram. You can always request a printout of the audiogram.

An audiogram is made by performing a hearing test.

Do you need an audiogram?

No! Nowadays you no longer need an audiogram in advance. If you order a hearing aid online, we can often perform the hearing test remotely. We will first send you the hearing aids of your choice. When you receive them at home, we do the hearing test together remotely.

Then an audiogram is created. The hearing care professional can then use that audiogram to adjust the hearing aid. Setting a hearing aid remotely can also be set 100% remotely.

Have an audiogram made?

Would you like to have an audiogram made? Then schedule a video appointment with one of our hearing care professionals.

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