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Delivery time

We aim to deliver your order within 3-5 business days.

The delivery time may be longer if you have ordered a custom product (such as earpieces). Custom products take longer because we need to make them specifically to your measurements. In addition, our audiologists may contact you if they believe that the hearing aid you have selected is not the best choice. They do this based on the hearing test/audiogram. If you haven't done a hearing test yet, delivery will also take longer because we'll first take a hearing test from you. Based on this hearing test, we can adjust the hearing aid more accurately. Sometimes we may want to speak with you to adjust the hearing aid properly, even then it may take a little longer before you have the perfect hearing solution.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs vary by country. You will see this price in your shopping cart. You can also first view this overview with all shipping costs per country:

  • Austria: €7.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Belgium: €7.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Bulgaria: €14.99
  • Cyprus: €12.99
  • Czech Republic: €14.99
  • Denmark: €17.99
  • Finland: €17,99
  • France: €12.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Germany: €7.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Greece: €12.99
  • Hungary: €14.99
  • Ireland: €7.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Italy: €12.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Malta (Republic of): €12.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Netherlands: €5.95 (free with purchase of 50 euros or more)
  • Poland: €14.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Portugal: €12.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Romania: €14.99
  • Slovenia: €14.99
  • Spain: €12.99 (free with purchase of 75 euros or more)
  • Sweden: €17.99
  • Aruba: €99,95
  • Australia: €99,95
  • Brazil: €99,95
  • Canada: €75.00
  • Canary Islands: €49,95
  • China: €99.95
  • Curaçao: €99,95
  • Hong Kong: €99.95
  • Israel: €49.95
  • India: €99,95
  • Iran: €99,95
  • Mexico: €99,95
  • New Zealand: €99,95
  • Norway: €17.99
  • United States: €99,95
  • Saudi Arabia: €99.95
  • Singapore: €99.95
  • Taiwan: €99.95
  • Turkey: €29,95
  • South Africa: €99.95
  • South Korea: €99.95
  • Switzerland: €29,95

Other countries: €19,99


Orders are shipped by Post NL, DHL, DPD, or UPS. For packages outside Europe, we always choose the best carrier from our experience to ensure that your package arrives without problems.

Tracking your package

Usually, you can track your order via a Track & Trace code that we send you by e-mail.

Order is not delivered/missing products

It does not happen often, but sometimes things can go wrong. In this case, we ask you to contact us by phone at (+31) 35 303 9100. Our staff will look into what is going on.

What happens if you are not at home?

If you are not at home, the order will be offered again another time.

Change of delivery address

If we haven't shipped your order yet, you can call us to change the delivery address. You can do this by calling (+31) 35 303 9100.

Do you have other questions?

Contact our customer service

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