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What can you insure a hearing aid against?

The hearing aids are not insured against loss or theft as standard. There are several insurance companies where you can take out insurance especially for your hearing aid. Below we have an overview for which you can insure your hearing aids and the various insurance companies:

Hearing aid defective

A hearing aid comes with a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty, with Online-HearingAids.com you can extend the warranty period from two years to five years for € 99.00 per hearing aid. If the hearing aid is defective, it is first investigated whether this was caused by normal use or by improper handling. If it is found that the hearing aid is defective due to improper handling, this is not covered by the warranty and costs are involved. If you have taken out insurance and there are costs for the repair, you can declare these costs to the insurance company.


  • If the hearing aid is defective, please first contact one of our hearing care professionals to discuss what to do
  • Do not attempt to repair the hearing aid without consulting the hearing care professional, if you do and it goes wrong, the repair is not covered by the warranty.

Lost hearing aid 

If you have lost a hearing aid and you are insured for this, you can declare the costs of replacement to the insurance company. Most insurance companies do not use a depreciation scheme, which means that they reimburse on the basis of replacement. So even if the hearing aid is four years old, they will reimburse the amount for which the lost hearing aid is insured.


  • Make sure you put the hearing aid in a fixed place when you take it off. You will always receive a storage box with the first fitting, put it in a fixed place and put your hearing aids in here when you take them off.
  • If you notice that the hearing aid is not sitting properly, contact your hearing care professional immediately. The hearing care professional can look for a solution so that the hearing aid remains in place properly and securely so that you cannot lose it while wearing it.
  • If you have lost your hearing aid, report this immediately to the municipality / police. If the hearing aid is found, they can contact you.