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Product Technic
This is the name of the chip used in the hearing aid.
Remotely adaptable
The hearing care professional can remotely adjust this hearing aid to your needs. You do not have to go to a hearing care professional shop to adjust the settings.
Type of hearing aid
Noise/tinnitus mask
This feature can provide noise that may relieve tinnitus symptoms.
The hearing aid can be charged by means of a charging station. Separate rechargeable batteries last an average of 1 year and are sold separately. Note: there is no charging station or battery as standard with a rechargeable hearing aid.
Type of hearing loss
You have 4 types of hearing loss: mild, moderate, moderate and severe. Ask a hearing care professional what type of hearing loss you have to make a better choice of hearing aid. We always check before we order the device for you whether it is suitable for your hearing loss.
Can be linked to iPhone?
The hearing aid can be connected to your iPhone phone without the use of accessories.
Can be linked to Android?
The hearing aid can be connected to your Android phone without the use of accessories.
An induction loop can be used in various public areas including theaters, church buildings and crematoriums. Note: A separate program must be enabled for this. In the above situations, the speaker's microphone is connected or the music or other audio is connected to an induction loop so that it is sent directly to your hearing aid.
Compatible with CROS / BICROS device
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