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Interview with Guido Makker about the trip to Nepal

Since early 2023, we at Online-HearingAids have been busy putting our “Good Hearing for Everyone in Nepal” campaign into action. After this amazing journey, Guido Makker shares his stories with us.

Which Starkey hearing aid is best for me?

To see which Starkey hearing aid is best suited to your hearing problem, it is important to consider what improvements the hearing aid should bring to your everyday life.

A worthy cause good hearing for everyone

Gerdie is specialized in audiometry in children and knows better than anyone what impact it has to offer hearing aids to children at an early stage of hearing loss. She talks more about it in this interview.

Four warning signs that you might need a hearing aid

Am I just not paying attention? Am I not properly focused? Or is it that I actually can’t hear it? When someone purchases a hearing aid, the response can often be a very grateful partner and family who feel that their lives have been transformed.

Parts of a hearing aid, what are they called?

You have just returned from your first visit to your audiologist and he has immediately thrown a lot of jargon at you about hearing aids, uhm… filters? You have no idea! In this blog, we'll show you the different parts of hearing aids and what they mean.

Why its smart to buy a hearing aid at the end of the year and can it still be done now 2

Many people with hearing loss have to pay for premium hearing aids themselves. But, it is often possible to get some of the money back. We explain this, and more, in this blog.

The dangers of falling

Audiologists play an important part in clarifying the falling risks due to the degree of hearing loss they see with their customers. In this blog, they tell more about the dangers of falling.

What is Child Welfare Organisation Nepal

Read more about the collaboration between the Child Welfare Organisation Nepal and

"Ho, Ho.... Huh?!"

The holidays are upon us again! And of course that means everyone is getting together again; dinners, lunches, New Year's Eve get-togethers… we all know it. But as a hearing impaired person, this is exactly what you may be looking forward to immensely…. Continue reading this blog for the 3 best hearing aids for the […]

A family with a mission: 'Good hearing for everyone'

In 2023 the employees will travel to Nepal. Together with local activists, they will host a “Week of Hearing” there. We don’t only go to Nepal. The idea is the result of a mission, we have for 45 years.

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