Opn S miniRITE R terracottaOpn S miniRITE R diamond blackOpn S miniRITE R chestnut brownOpn S miniRITE R silver greyOpn S miniRITE R steel greyOpn S miniRITE R chroma beigeOpn S miniRITE R silverOticon Smartphone App Hearing AidsOticon More Minirite ComparisonOticon More Minirite AccessoriesOticon More Functions Why GoodAchter Het Oor Hoortoestel Phoank Paradise 1
  • Opn S miniRITE R terracotta
  • Opn S miniRITE R diamond black
  • Opn S miniRITE R chestnut brown
  • Opn S miniRITE R silver grey
  • Opn S miniRITE R steel grey
  • Opn S miniRITE R chroma beige
  • Opn S miniRITE R silver
  • Oticon Smartphone App Hearing Aids
  • Oticon More Minirite Comparison
  • Oticon More Minirite Accessories
  • Oticon More Functions Why Good
  • Achter Het Oor Hoortoestel Phoank Paradise 1
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Oticon More 2 MiniRITE R - Rechargeable


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For hearing aids, this price is per hearing aid.

  • Intelligent functions to make understanding speech easier in noisy situations
  • Better resistant to moisture than their previous hearing aid
  • Direct connectivity to the smartphone
With hearing aids: 1st adjustment included.
Free chat service with audiologist 7 days a week until 22:00
Low prices guaranteed
2 year guarantee on all hearing aids.
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Pros and Cons


Oticon More hearing aid

The Oticon More hearing aid has an appropriate name, offering you more of everything: more meaningful sounds that surround you, more detail, more balance and brightness and more joy from all the beautiful moments that sounds bring to life. Because less sound leaves our brain dissatisfied. Read more about it on this page!

What makes the Oticon More hearing aid different?

Conventional hearing aids try to home in on speech, damping the other noises that surround you. This prevents your brain from receiving the proper sound information that it needs. And that is exactly what the Oticon More does not do. This hearing aid lets you hear all sounds, just as well as people with unimpaired hearing. Oticon has succeeded – as the only manufacturer – in letting all sounds enter your ear in amplified form, without turning things into chaos for the user, which can lead to having to strain in order to understand speech.

The Oticon More does not have microphones that try to interpret where sound is coming from, instead being active in the round in order to pick up all sounds clearly. That’s because sound scenes change constantly and contain a lot more than just speech. In order to process this in a natural way, your brain needs access to the complete sound scene. But it’s still very easy for Oticon More users to distinguish speech from other sounds. Using this hearing aid, all sounds are very easy to process.

Given that people with unimpaired hearing do not listen in a specific direction, why should a hearing aid decide for you which sounds to dampen? That’s were Oticon More makes a difference!

Handy Oticon More functionality

In addition to bright sound, this hearing aid offers a number of handy functions and accessories. For example, all these hearing aids are Made for iPhone (MFI) and compatible with Android smartphones. This means that you can listen to conversations on the phone, music and other audio using your hearing aid. In addition it is possible to stream the sound of your TV or other Bluetooth-compatible devices using the familiar Oticon accessories. Connecting to IFTTT networks is also possible, enabling you to link to smart devices in the home, such as the Google Home speaker or smart lighting.
The Oticon More has its own matching app – the Oticon ON app – allowing you to adjust settings such as the volume conveniently. The Oticon RemoteCare app makes it possible to have your hearing aids adjusted remotely online. Simply connect to one of our hearing care professionals using your phone, wherever in the world you are.

The Oticon More hearing aid is rechargeable as well. A single 30-minute recharge will enable optimum use for another six hours.

Online-Hearingaid service

If you are looking for an Oticon More hearing aid and want to find out if it’s the best choice for you, take our online hearing test! This free hearing test will reveal which hearing aid matches your hearing needs the best. That way you can be sure if the Oticon More is suitable for you. And no worries: taking our test does not tie you down to anything.

If you’d like more information about the Oticon More, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist and advise you. If you’d like to know more about us, be sure to read our frequently asked questions.


Additional information

Binaural Streaming


Fast Charging


Fall detection


Hearing loss

Heavy, Light, Mediocre, Medium Weight

Heart rate monitor


Release year


Noise canceling


translation function


Personal assistant


Type of battery

accu, accu

Type of hearing aid

Speaker in the ear (SITE / RIC)


Chestnut Brown 93, Chroma Beige 90, Diamond Black 63, Silver 44, Silver Grey 91, Steel Grey 92, Terracotta 94

Color pallet - 1

Beige, Black, Brown, Gray


More, Oticon

Can be linked to Iphone?


Can be linked to android?




Find my hearing aid


iOS apps can be linked

Yes, Yes

Can be linked to apps

Yes, Yes

Separate volume switch


Buttons (program/volume)




Moisture/dust resistant


Child friendly

No, No

Indirect equip. compat.


Battery Indicator Light


Data logging

Yes, Yes

Noise/tinnitus mask


Suitable for music


Frequency shift


Feedback suppressor

4.5, 4.5

Suppressing impulse noises


Wind noise reduction


Echo reduction

No, No

Auto Environment. Adapt.


Binaural communication

Yes, Yes

Binaural Synchronization

Yes, Yes

Speech recognition

4, 4

Location recognition


CROS / BICROS Compatible

Yes, Yes

Remotely adaptable

Yes, Yes

Remote software update?


Mic in all directions


Made for iPhone

Y, Y





Max manual programs

4, 4

Overall rating




Pros and Cons

  • Intelligent functions to make understanding speech easier in noisy situations
  • Better resistant to moisture than their previous hearing aid
  • Direct connectivity to the smartphone

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