Widex pairing hearing aids to the app

How do I connect my Widex Moment hearing aids to my iPhone?

-  Insert a new battery in your Widex hearing aids. Do not close the battery door yet, so that the hearing aid does not start up yet. Do you have a rechargeable device? Then leave it in your charger for a while.
-  Switch on the Bluetooth, swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen: you will now enter the control screen. Tap the Bluetooth icon.
-  Go to settings, tap General, then Accessibility, MFI Hearing aids, Close the battery door. If you have rechargeable devices, you can now remove them from the charger so that it boots up. Now the hearing aid switches on and your iPhone, iPad and iPad can detect it. Now tap Hearing Aids.
-  The hearing aid name and model number will appear on the screen. Tap the hearing aid name. The device is selected when there is a blue check mark next to the hearing aid name (was black at first). Press Link in the dialog box. You will receive two separate pairing requests for pairing two hearing aids. The second request will appear a few seconds after starting the first link.

How do I connect my Widex Moment hearing aids to my Android phone?

-  Find and tap the Settings icon on your phone.
-  Select Bluetooth®.
-  If Bluetooth appears to be off in this screen, change the setting to On. Then open and close the battery drawer of your hearing aids (this makes it possible to pair the hearing aids). If you have rechargeable devices you can take them out of the charger so that they start up by themselves.
-  Under Paired devices you will see your first name followed by hearing aid (eg Michelle Hearing Aid), as soon as the device recognizes your hearing aids. If your name doesn’t appear in the ‘Devices’ list within 5-7 seconds, tap Accessibility in the top left corner, then tap Hearing Aids.
-  Tap the hearing aid name to pair the hearing aid with your device.
-  The devices are now paired.

Installing the Moment app

When using the WIDEX Moment app, you can effortlessly adjust your hearing aids in different listening environments. It has never been easier to adjust your hearing aid.
-  Download the Widex Moment app in the Play Store (Android) or in the App Store (Iphone).
-  Open the app and follow the prompts to get started.

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