Widex Moment vs. Oticon More

The quest for the most natural sound

With the new generation of hearing aids, we increasingly hear the term “most natural sound”. But which device is really the best at this and how natural does that sound? Today we put two comparable brands with their best hearing aids against each other to see what the differences are.

The brands

We are going to look at the Moment devices from Widex and the More devices from Oticon. They are both companies that have their roots in Denmark and are truly established names in the hearing industry. The Moment and One are both the very latest hearing aids from the two brands and both claim to have the most natural sound.

Widex Moment

Widex has brought a hypermodern device to the market with the Moment. The new chip in the hearing aid has more connections, better processing power and greater flexibility than its predecessors. It provides the most intelligent and correct amplification in the different listening situations based on the user’s need.

The new ZeroDelay ™ technology eliminates the delay from the moment the sound is captured by the speaker until the sound is delivered to the eardrum. This allows them to apply the sound in the most natural way possible. With the Widex Moment app you can adjust everything about your hearing aid to your needs. Thanks to machine learning, the user has the opportunity to perfect the sound himself / herself if he / she is in a challenging environment, which means that the user does not have to return to the hearing care professional as often.

The Moment devices are available in a rechargeable version, so you no longer have to deal with batteries. After 4 hours of charging, the devices will last for 16-20 hours. The Widex instruments are available in 4 technology classes (110, 220, 330 and 440) and available as both ITE and BTE instruments.

Oticon More

With the More devices, Oticon has made a device that uses a completely new chipset. This new chip picks up where Oticon left off with the natural sound made possible by the company’s BrainHearing approach. This device also manages to process the sound at lightning speed for a listening experience that is as natural as possible.

The hearing aid uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) that is trained on more than 12 million lifelike sounds. With the help of this they can simulate a sound that is very close to the sound that you are used to from the past. Each sound that passes through the hearing aid is compared to the results discovered during the learning phase. This helps Oticon More to deliver a complete and accurately balanced sound scene that makes it easier for the brain to perform optimally.

The More devices are only available in a rechargeable version. The hearing aids are available in three technology classes and only available as a BTE device.

Everything at a glance


Rechargeable version ✔ Battery version ✔ Lightning fast sound transfer ✔ Natural sound experience ✔ Multiple technology classes ✔ BTE version ✔ ITE version ✔ Machine learning ✔


Rechargeable version ✔ Lightning fast sound transfer ✔ Natural sound experience ✔ Multiple technology classes ✔ BTE version ✔

As you can see, the devices are almost identical. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Click here for an overview of the Oticon More and click here for an overview of the Widex Moment devices.

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