What is a dry box and why do I need one for my hearing aid?

A hearing aid is often behind the auricle and it is hot and often humid there. Whether this is because you perspire a lot yourself or you work out a lot, or you suffer from hot flashes. It does not matter. Even when you move from a warm room to a cold one, or vice versa, condensation can form in your hearing aids. And because they are in contact with your skin all day, condensation can get into the hearing aids. And then it breaks down. No electronic device can withstand condensation and will eventually break down.

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You can often hear it when you squeeze the case of your hearing aid. It creaks a little. Because your hearing aids come into contact with the skin, some skin oils can settle on them. This can of course be removed with an antibacterial cloth.

Now I hear you thinking; I can’t stop myself from sweating, can I? No, definitely not! Sport is especially healthy for you! So keep doing it with your hearing aid in and buy a dry box.

Preferably also one with a UV light so that it also kills any bacteria that might give you an ear infection.



The manufacturers’ advice is that you should dry them in this every night to avoid moisture getting into the electronics and making unnecessary repairs, which always cost money.

To sum up:

  • dry box extends the life of your hearing aids
  • it disinfects by means of a UV lamp
  • it avoids unnecessary repair costs
  • never again sudden failure of your hearing aids

Conclusion: save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a dry box so you can enjoy your hearing aids for years to come! Read the blog below for more tips!

Blog: Help, my hearing aid is broken!

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