Livio: the first hearing aid that improves health

Online-HearingAids.com introduces an innovation: a hearing aid that can monitor the mental, physical and cognitive activity of the user .. For the first time, the user is proactively approached by his own hearing aid to optimize his well-being and health. A wearable with hearing technology as Starkey, the manufacturer, calls it.


A hearing aid that provides health advice The Starkey livio AI is a revolutionary, multipurpose hearing aid. It is the first hearing aid ever to monitor the user’s mental, physical and cognitive activity. The hearing aid has 3D biosensors and artificial intelligence and has functions such as fall detection and a Live Translation function. Starkey calls it “Healthable ™ Hearing Technology”. The hearing aid measures the physical and mental activity of the user and assigns points to it. For example, the device advises on daily exercise and provides insight into whether the user’s brain is optimally stimulated. The pedometer provides insight into the number of steps and is easy to link with other apps. The heart rate measurement function monitors the heart rate and heart rate recovery after exercise, for example.

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By Yvan Karman