You cannot or do not want to leave the house? We can simply help you remotely!

With the Corona virus lurking and the advice to stay indoors as much as possible, it is very difficult for someone with poor hearing to choose a device and have it adjusted by the hearing care professional.

Fortunately, we have the solution with the latest advanced remote-adjustable hearing aids!

Right now, a good audience is important to prevent isolation and to be able to understand the news reports properly. Sometimes it is possible to adjust your current device remotely. Let us inform you about this. In this article I will show you how you can almost no longer have to go to the hearing care professional thanks to the remotely adjustable hearing solutions.

Find out in this article:

  • What is a remotely adjustable hearing aid?
  • How does it work?
  • Which devices can do this?
  • Pros and Cons

I’ll explain how all this works and try to explain the most important questions – After reading, you can choose the right device and enjoy good hearing for years to come!

Read on and be surprised by the possibilities. You will be amazed and not regret!

What is remotely adjustable?

Until recently, you had to go to the hearing care professional’s shop to adjust or adjust a hearing aid. There your hearing aid was adjusted to its best and you then had to go to the store for a few checks. This is now a thing of the past for a number of hearing aid brands.

With a number of brands it is now possible to make the hearing aid adjustments completely at home. You then make contact with the hearing care professional via an app on your tablet or smartphone. With the Widex brand, for example, it is possible to do the entire adjustment remotely. In the app there is even a video connection with the hearing care professional in his location, who can then immediately adjust the hearing aid at that moment. Questions can be answered immediately and things can also be demonstrated via the image connection. Yes, even a real hearing test with the hearing aids in is possible!

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From your chair at home, but how does it work?

Each hearing aid manufacturer has its own options. One has developed a complete adjustment and the other you only have to come to the store for an initial adjustment. The follow-up adjustments will then take place at your home.What you have to take into account with these adjustments remotely is that each way, from the remote adjustment, requires a tablet or smartphone and the accompanying app. These apps are free from any manufacturer. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, there may be a family member who has this and wants to help and assist you during the process.

With a full fitting at home, someone will pick up the hearing aids and the necessities (eg a connecting device in the form of a neckloop) for the hearing impaired at the location or we can send them to you. We hereby provide the instructions and can then connect with you from our office to your location at an agreed time.

With some other brands it is necessary to do the very first intake or adjustment at our location. The follow-up appointments can then take place via the application on your smartphone or tablet. With our instructions, it is easy to do all this at home.

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It appeals to me, what should I pay attention to now?

It appeals to me, what should I pay attention to now? Almost every brand has the option to make an adjustment or adjustment remotely. One is a bit more extensive than the other. Here is a small overview;

Widex – Full adjustment possible with a neckloop and an app, even a hearing test possible

Signia – Full adjustment possible by means of an app (also on a PC) hearing test limited.

Starkey – A first visit to the hearing care professional is required, then remotely adjusted using an app.

Oticon – A first visit to the hearing care professional is required. You can request fine-tuning in an app.

Resound – Full fitting possible with an app, even a hearing test possible

Phonak – Full fitting possible with an app, even a hearing test possible

Unitron – Not yet available but will be available later this year.

Advantages of remote adjustment:

  • No or one-time visit to the hearing care professional.
  • No direct contact in this Corona crisis.
  • Home-bound hearing impaired people can help.
  • travel time.
  • Fast adaptation or adjustment can be made
  • The latest technology guaranteed

Disadvantages of Remote Adjustment:

  • In most cases a smartphone, tablet is required
  • Some brands require an initial adjustment by the hearing care professional
  • Physical or visual impairment may cause some discomfort


Remote service, the solution in this day and age!

With all the above information, you can feel good looking for the right remote-adjustable hearing aid that suits you. That way you don’t have to run any danger and leave the house. No, many adjustments are possible, for convenience, at home and also of top quality. Now choose the hearing aid that suits you best. Still, you may still have some questions. In combination with so many different devices out there, this choice can be stressful.

Watch the youtube video here for even more information about remote adjustable hearing aid!

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