Buy hearing aid batteries? Discover all ins & out

Every day, customers ask us which batteries they can best order for their hearing aids. It is of course important that you order the right hearing aid batteries so that you get the best results from your hearing aids! Fortunately, this article offers the solution. Discover in 5 minutes which batteries should be in your hearing aid and get the most out of your hearing solution!

What brand / type of battery should I order?

On Online-HearingAids.com.nl we sell several types of hearing aid batteries from PowerOne and Rayovac.

It is very important that you first check carefully which type of hearing aid battery you need. To find out which type of hearing aid battery goes in your hearing aid, you can find out in the instructions for use of the hearing aid. But of course you can always contact Online Hearing Aid so that we can check it for you! The different types of hearing aid batteries have a color, so if you do not find a number on the package of your hearing aid batteries, check which color it is. The color can be seen on the packaging of the batteries or on the sticker on the battery. Will there be a 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange) or a 675 (blue) battery in your hearing aid. What to consider when buying hearing aid batteries, cheap is expensive. The cheaper hearing aid batteries will last less than the more expensive hearing aid batteries.

How long does a hearing aid battery last?

Above we explained which hearing aid batteries fit in your hearing aid, but how many batteries should you actually have at home? In this piece we explain how you can find out, so that you can always enjoy good hearing. What is important is that you always have hearing aid batteries with you, put a pack in the bag or in the wallet. When a battery is almost empty, the hearing aid gives a signal, often 2 short beeps. We often get the question from customers how long a hearing aid battery lasts, this depends on a few factors. Below we have an overview of these factors:

  • What type of battery goes in the hearing aid; the smaller the battery, the faster the battery will drain. So keep in mind if you buy a hearing aid with a small battery type (10 or 312) that you have to change the battery more often than if you go for a larger type (13 or 675).

  • Uses the hearing aid using Bluetooth; If a hearing aid uses Bluetooth, it is constantly looking for the paired device, so it consumes more power. That is just as you leave the Bluetooth on your phone on, your battery will also drain faster. So if you use the Bluetooth in the hearing aid a lot, you also have to replace your hearing aid batteries more often.

  • The hearing aid is in different situations every day; Most hearing aids are automatic, which means that the hearing aid itself listens in what kind of environment it is. Based on this, the hearing aid adapts to this so that you can achieve maximum speech understanding in these different situations. The more the hearing aid has to adjust, the more power it consumes and you therefore have to replace the battery more often.

  • The hearing aid is located in a humid environment; If you keep the hearing aids in the bathroom or if you wear the hearing aids while perspiring, the hearing aid may consume more battery. It is therefore very important to use a dry box to ensure that moisture cannot settle in the hearing aid. By using a dry box you can reduce the need to change the battery.

  • Tired of batteries? Discover rechargeable hearing aids! Nowadays we charge everything, telephones, watches etc. why not our hearing aid? All manufacturers have hearing aids that can be charged, so you no longer have the hassle of batteries and you can enjoy your hearing aid all day long. You place the hearing aids in a charging station, they are fully charged within a few hours. There are also turbo chargers (URL paste of a turbo charger), with which you can charge the hearing aids within 7 minutes so that you can use them for 3.5 hours longer! The purchase of rechargeable hearing aids is slightly higher than the non-rechargeable hearing aids. But if you eventually add the battery costs for 3-5 years, you end up with the same amount. It is not possible to convert your current non-rechargeable hearing aid to a rechargeable hearing aid. Advantages of rechargeable hearing aids:

    • No more hassle with changing batteries Enjoy your hearing aid all day long without being disturbed Disadvantage of rechargeable hearing aids:
    • If the battery is not properly charged, you cannot insert a battery or a new battery. The solution for this is to opt for a turbo charger, so that you have 3.5 hours of listening pleasure within 7 minutes!

    To see which hearing aids are rechargeable, check out the rechargeable hearing aids.

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