23 Service points

The locations of Online-HearingAids.com

Online-HearingAids.com is not only a web shop, we can also help you in our hearing centers. We have service points all over. As a matter of fact, you could visit any local audiologist all around the world.

Why a visit is not necessary:

Our audiologists are able to help you at any time at home. Our high end hearing aids are so advanced, that we can help you on a distance. We are able to execute hearing test and are able to put in the right settings on a distance. Even when you do not have an audiogram we are able te help you. A meeting for just some advice is also possible remotely. A visit is therefore not necessary, but always possible.

What options do we offer in case you want to have a physical appointment? We have 2 options:

  • You visit one of our hearing centers or service points (for ear scans only)
  • After receiving your hearing aids you visit a local audiologist for after care.

Please note: all our hearing aids have at least 1 year world wide warranty. This means your hearing aids can be repaired everywhere you wish.

Online-HearingAids.com’s hearing care professionals are everywhere

Everything can be done remotely

Our service points are situated in various locations, but visiting them in person is a little behind the times. It used to be quite normal to visit a hearing care professional in person, but nowadays that is no longer necessary. In fact, it’s faster, cheaper and – especially given the current state of society – much safer to order your hearing aid online!

Because all of our advanced hearing aids can be adjusted to your individual requirements remotely, our digital hearing care professional is able to help anyone directly in their home, even if they do not yet have an audiogram of their hearing loss. You won’ t even have to leave your home!

You can find us in The Netherlands a.o. in:

  • Naarden
  • Zeist
  • Poortugaal
  • Kerkrade
  • Utrecht

In Spain we have the following servicepoint(s):

In Germany we have the following servicepoint(s):

  • Berlin
  • Rheine
  • Wriezen
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
  • Dresden
  • Hannover
  • Frankfurt

In Zwitserland we have the following servicepoint(s):

  • Arbon

In Austria we have the following servicepoint(s):

  • Groß Siegharts
  • Wien
  • Voitsberg

In Italy we have the following servicepoint(s):

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Bologna
  • Turin
  • Bergamo
  • Padua
  • Bari

In Slovenia we have the following servicepoint(s):

  • Ljubljana

Free Earmold Appointment

For Custom-Fit hearing aids

Place your order and receive a free earmold appointment at a servicepoint near you (applicable for custom ear pieces and custom in the ear hearing aids).

Need help to find a service location in your living area? Please contact us!