A hearing aid with bluetooth, how handy is that actually?

In the past, a hearing aid was only meant to ensure that you can hear better. Fortunately, technology is not standing still and manufacturers have been busy making sure that a hearing aid is becoming a gadget! But how useful is that really?

Read in this blog about:

  • making phone calls with your hearing aid
  • streaming sound
  • listen to TV
  • the areas for improvement


Making calls with your hearing aid

The great thing about hearing aids with Bluetooth is that you can also make calls with your hearing aid. The telephone conversation is amplified through the hearing aids and you will hear the conversation through both hearing aids. Because you can hear the conversation in both ears, you can effortlessly follow the telephone conversation. With some hearing aid brands, you have the luxury of not even having to hold your phone near your mouth to speak back. The hearing aid uses the microphones of the hearing aid itself, so that you can really make hands-free calls!

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Stream sound with your hearing aid

Many hearing aid users run into the fact that if you want to listen to music, you have to take off the hearing aids so that you can place the earphones. But this means you are more isolated from your environment and there is a good chance that you will lose the hearing aids. HAPPY, this is finally a thing of the past! Because the hearing aids can now also stream, you can listen to music / podcast / videos through your hearing aids. This also allows you to hear the environment so that you are not cut off from the environment. The biggest advantage is that you always have your earphones in your ears, so you can enjoy music everywhere without anyone noticing!

If you use the navigation on the phone, you will hear the instructions in the hearing aid. There is a lot of ambient noise in the car, which makes it sometimes difficult to hear the instructions properly. Because the sound enters the hearing aids directly, you can follow the directions properly and the chance is small that you are still driving the wrong way.

TV directly on your hearing aid

Despite the fact that you wear hearing aids, the television can sometimes remain difficult to understand properly. This has to do with the sound quality of the programs, but also at what distance you are from the television. If you have a hearing aid with Bluetooth, you can receive the sound directly on your hearing aid by means of TV accessories. The microphones of the hearing aid are still active, so you are not completely cut off from the environment. With this system you can watch television in a relaxed way.

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Points of improvement!

The hearing aids with Bluetooth functions are getting better and better, but there is still room for improvement! Because no matter how ideal it is that you can connect directly to your phone / tablet, there are also drawbacks. Because what is difficult is that with most brands you can only make one Bluetooth connection, which means that you must first disconnect one device before you can pair another device. For the manufacturers; Take the next step and make sure that a hearing aid can be connected to various devices at the same time so that you can listen to music in the car, for example, but that the navigation voice goes over it if there is a prompt. That it then automatically continues streaming music, but that when you receive a call, the device turns off the music itself again and gives priority to the caller.

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