7 fables about hearing aids

Have you heard anything about hearing aids that is ultimately not correct at all? Read in this blog what really the fables are! Myths can change your choice of hearing aid or can prevent you from purchasing a hearing aid! But how annoying is it when you walk around with hearing damage? Therefore, read here under the fables about hearing aids, so that you can know exactly what is not true and can search for a perfect hearing aid!

1. Hearing aids make my ears lazy.

If you have a hearing loss and you do not wear hearing aids, the auditory nerve is not stimulated enough. By wearing hearing aids, the auditory nerve gets enough stimuli and you ensure that the ears do not become lazy! In fact, there are more and more studies linking dementia and cognitive degeneration to the for too long with a hearing loss

2. Hearing aids can restore my hearing.

Hearing aids cannot fully restore your hearing. But the extent to which hearing aids can add value to your specific situation, depends on your hearing loss, daily situations and type of hearing aid

3. The more expensive your hearing aid, the better you understand.

A more expensive hearing aid does not ensure that you understand more, but does provide more peace of mind in the sound. This means that when you are in a noisy or noisy environment, you are less likely to be over-stimulated and distracted by disturbing ambient noise, so you can better follow the conversations.

4. I have a beginning hearing loss so I don't need an expensive hearing aid.

It is not that someone with profound hearing loss needs a more advanced hearing aid. You need to look at the situations in which you experience hearing loss problems and make sure that the hearing aid fits well in such situations. Think of situations such as birthdays, meetings, listening to music, wind noise while cycling and the hitting of pans and dishes. By making a good choice, you ensure that you experience little or no inconvenience in these situations. The size of the hearing loss is therefore much less relevant, determining factors are the daily activities

5. The health insurance company reimburses all hearing aids.

Many customers inquire about the reimbursement of hearing aids from the health insurer. They are often told that health insurers reimburse all hearing aids, unfortunately this is not the case. Health insurers reimburse you when you choose a hearing aid that falls within the categories (1 to 5). The latest hearing aids are not included in this and therefore you will in most cases not receive any compensation. There are some health insurers that do provide reimbursement on an outside category.

6. A hearing aid is large and very visible.

The cosmetic aspect is very important for many hearing aid wearers. Fortunately, the hearing aids are getting smaller and there are even hearing aids that are 100% invisible.

7. Only when you are old do you need a hearing aid.

Your age does not determine whether you need a hearing aid, your hearing loss does.

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