If you wear a hearing aid every day, it is obviously very important to you. But a lot can happen to you - or to your hearing aid. Who knows, you could have an unfortunate fall that results in damage, your device could be stolen, or it could simply break. That is why it may make sense to take out hearing aid insurance. That way, you can replace your hearing aid as soon as possible.

Although hearing aids have a manufacturer's warranty, they are not routinely insured against loss or theft. There are several insurance companies where you can purchase insurance specifically for your hearing aid. Below you will find more information about the manufacturer's warranty, insurance options for your hearing aids and the different insurance companies.

Hearing aid insurance for a defective hearing aid: Standard 2 years

By default, a hearing aid has a two-year manufacturer's warranty, but at Online Hearing Aid you can extend the warranty period from two to five years for € 99.00 per hearing aid. If the hearing aid is defective, it will first be examined whether this was caused by normal use or by improper handling. If it turns out that the hearing device is defective as a result of improper handling, this is not covered by the warranty and will be charged.

What should I do if my hearing aid is defective?

Is your hearing aid broken? Please review the checklist we provide online. There you will also find instructions on how to send in your hearing aids for repair. Important! Do not attempt to repair the hearing aid without consulting your hearing care professional, because if you do and it goes wrong, the repair will not be covered by your warranty. Your hearing aid insurance won't cover it either. So leave it to the professionals! If you have hearing aid insurance and you incur repair costs, you can claim them from your insurance company.

Hearing aid insurance for a lost device

If you have lost a hearing aid and are insured for it, you can claim the cost of replacement from the insurance company. Most insurance companies do not operate on a depreciation system, i.e., they reimburse on a replacement basis. This means that even if the hearing aid is four years old, they will reimburse the amount for which the lost hearing aid is insured. Tips:
  • Be sure to keep the hearing aids in a fixed place when you take them off. You will always receive a storage box with your first fitting. Keep this in a safe place and put your hearing aids in it when you take them out.
  • If you notice that your hearing aid is not staying in place, contact your hearing care professional immediately. The hearing care professional can find a solution to keep the hearing aid in place and secure it so that you do not lose it while wearing it.
  • If you have lost your hearing aid, for example because it has been stolen, please report this to the municipality/police immediately. If the hearing aid is found, they may contact you.

Hearing aid insurance recommended by OnlineHearing Aid:

Would you like to purchase additional insurance to insure your hearing aid 100% against loss, irreparable damage, theft and more? From our experience versicherdich.de has proven its value.

Is the insurance for a hearing aid deductible?

If you buy a hearing aid that is not covered by your health insurance, you have to pay (part of) the costs yourself. As a rule, you can deduct these costs on your tax return, which is very practical. The additional insurance for a hearing aid is not deductible.We hope that we have given you more information so that you can buy the right hearing aid insurance!
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