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  • Phonak Audeo Fit P90 R oplaadbaar P6 e1655908234806
  • Phonak Smartphone HearingAid Connection
  • Phonak P90 Paradise accessories
  • Phonak P90 Functionalities
  • Phonak P90 Difference hearingAid
  • Achter Het Oor Hoortoestel Phoank Paradise 1
  • Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid Price Online
  • Phonak official warranty 2 years 5 prices
  • TrustPilot Review Customer italy 2
  • Chat Everyday 2200 hearing Aid customer service 1 1
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Phonak Audéo P90-RT - rechargeable - Silver Gray | Premium Refurbished



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For hearing aids, this price is per hearing aid.

  • Premium Refurbished
  • Price is per ear
  • Price does not include a charger
With hearing aids: 1st adjustment included.
Free chat service with audiologist 7 days a week until 22:00
Low prices guaranteed
2 year guarantee on all hearing aids.
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Pros and Cons


Phonak Audéo P90 R - Rechargeable: Silver Gray

Premium Refurbished

This hearing aid has been checked and repaired at 18 technical points by our audiologists. As a result, we offer this second-hand hearing aid with the Premium Refurbished seal of approval. You can read more about it on this page.

Phonak Paradise hearing aids

Being able to hear music perfectly and understand people well in noisy situations? Then Phonak is the hearing aid brand you are looking for. With this brand, modern technology, innovation and high quality standards are paramount. Phonak Audéo Paradise P90 is the successor to the Phonak Marvel, and offers many advantages.

The Phonak Paradise hearing aids are known for their outstanding sound quality in combination with the various innovations that are constantly taking place. Ease of use is paramount in these hearing aids. For example, it is now possible to connect your phone or TV to your hearing aid, allowing phone calls, music and TV programs to be streamed directly to your hearing aid. Multiple Bluetooth devices can be connected to the hearing aid at the same time, so you no longer have to manually disconnect each device. In addition, the Phonak Paradise is rechargeable.

The Phonak P90 R

Within the Phonak Paradise there are all kinds of different models. The Phonak P90 rechargeable has no less than 9 different environments between which it can switch. Are you biking to work, at a concert or running errands? The Phonak P90 switches from environment to environment without any problems. The great advantage of this model is that you can hear optimally even in noisy environments. With features such as ''speech in car'' or ''speech in loud noise'', the Phonak P90 can easily switch the sound input. The difference from the previous models, the P70 and P50, is that the Phonak Audéo P90 R has more environments it can switch between. This creates less background noise, allowing you to hear well in any environment without difficulty.

What makes the Phonak P90 R so special?

A rechargeable technology, offering exceptional sound quality and streaming directly from any tablet, smartphone or TV; the new Phonak Paradise offers it all.

The Phonak P90 is a unique hearing aid in many ways. We list the most important features for you:

  • Remote hearing test (so no visit to a hearing care professional necessary)
  • Remote adjustment (so no visit to a hearing care professional necessary)
  • Designed to connect multiple electronic devices simultaneously with bluetooth
  • Exceptional sound guaranteed from the very first fitting
  • Understanding people and sound even better now takes less effort
  • The sound quality is outstanding, even when streaming
  • Quickly rechargeable and all day use with instant streaming on both ears
  • The myPhonak app ensures that you are constantly in touch with a remote hearing care professional
  • Your cell phone is your new remote control
  • Ability to switch between 9 different environments

Connecting to everyday devices: the Phonak P90 R is there for your convenience

The Phonak Audéo P90 R can be connected to multiple everyday devices simultaneously. What advantages does this offer?

  • Hands-free calling and taking or rejecting calls: it can all be done through your hearing aid.
  • Be connected to all devices at the same time, so you don't have to choose
  • Music, videos, podcasts and e-books: all heard directly through your hearing aid
  • In fact, this hearing aid is a wireless headphone with very good sound quality
  • Connection to the TV, allowing you to hear TV shows, series or the news directly in your hearing aid.

Check here if your smartphone is compatible with your hearing aid(s).

The Phonak P90 is rechargeable

In addition to being able to connect to multiple devices at once and having great sound quality, Phonak P90 is also rechargeable. What pluses does this rechargeability offer?

  • Battery can last a full day, even if you stream all day
  • The battery is designed to last 6 years
  • No more hassle with replacing batteries
  • Charging is lightning fast
  • Two rechargeable variants are available: with loop and without loop

With a full battery you have a whole day of listening pleasure, without having to recharge it. This battery has a lifespan of 6 years, and does not need to be replaced in between. Moreover, there is no battery drawer, so moisture and dirt have less chance. This greatly reduces the chance of malfunctions.

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Are you interested in the Phonak P90 R Premium Refurbished? Then you can order online the Phonak P90 directly or contact us!


Additional information

Type of battery



Silver Gray

Moisture/dust resistant


Binaural communication


Frequency shift


Data logging


Binaural Synchronization


Can be linked to Iphone?


Can be linked to android?




Binaural Streaming


Hearing loss

Heavy, Light, Mediocre, Medium Weight

Type of hearing aid

Speaker in the ear (SITE / RIC)


Paradise, Phonak

Find my hearing aid


CROS / BICROS Compatible


Personal assistant







28,0x11,9x8,0 mm

Remote hearing test possible?


Induction loop/ list. coil


Pros and Cons

  • Premium Refurbished
  • Price is per ear
  • Price does not include a charger

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Hearing aids - What is included in our prices?

Free first adjustment

Free 2 year warranty

Free filters

Free domes and speakers (if applicable)

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