Cedis Aloe vera gel
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Cedis Aloë Vera gel ESC 2.3


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5 ml
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Pros and Cons


Musicians are at high risk of hearing damage or other physical problems from long exposure to loud music. The MusicSafe Classic has been developed for good protection during rehearsals, concerts or other loud music events. The MusicSafe Classic contains two different interchangeable filter sets with extraordinary sound characteristics of low, medium and high attenuation values. These filters guarantee optimal protection against excessive music noise, while the music quality is maintained.

This way music can be enjoyed and made optimally.MusicSafe Classic hearing protectors are made of a durable, flexible, thermoplastic plastic. Due to the warmth of the ear, the hearing protector adapts to the ear canal within a few minutes. This significantly increases wearing comfort.

Unique product features:
- Two different filter sets for medium and high attenuation
- Mutes harmful noise and prevents noise deafness
- The sound quality of the music is maintained
- Very high wearing comfort and hardly visible in the ear
- With storage box / key ring Maintenance

Alpine MusicSafe Classic can be cleaned with Cedis cleaning spray. Cedis products have been specially developed for the maintenance of hearing protectors. The service life of this product depends on the maintenance and frequency of use and varies from three months with daily use to several years.

Attenuation values ​​MusicSafe Classic expressed in decibels
Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000


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5 ml



Pros and Cons

5 ml

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