Widex comes with Widex Evoke EC (fuel cell, fuel cell, e-cell or energy cell)

Replacing batteries is a pain for many hearing impaired people. The batteries are getting smaller and smaller because hearing aids are getting smaller. And so you are fiddling with the weekly replacement of hearing batteries.

Moreover, replacing batteries is of course harmful to the environment. That should be possible differently, thought the innovative hearing aid brand Widex.

Widex has been working for years on a new product that will greatly help both the environment and the hearing impaired: a fuel cell, also known as an e-cell or energy cell. The cell, which works on methanol, is processed in the hearing aids. As a result, there will soon be hearing aids that are rechargeable and can be fully charged for 24 hours in less than 20 seconds. This is therefore not a rechargeable battery, but a cell that is located in the hearing aid. The new device will be called the Widex Evoke EC.

No more batteries or batteries to replace soon, thanks to the Widex Evoke EC with fuel-cell from Widex. Simply place the hearing aid in the charger for less than 20 seconds for 24 hours of listening pleasure.

The energy cell of the Widex Evoke EC is not available yet. As soon as this is the case, we will of course offer it on Online-HearingAids.com. Do you want us to let you know when the energy cell is available? Let us know. The same applies here: we are going to offer the Widex Evoke EC energy cell up to 40% cheaper than at the hearing care professional in the hearing store.

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By Yvan Karman