Why it's smart to buy a hearing aid at the end of the year AND can it still be done now?

Ice creams are sold especially in the summer, when it is hot and people need to cool down. The gyms fill up again just before the summer so that everyone can go to the beach with a trained body. Even with hearing aids, we see a peak in sales: in December. Why is that and why is it wise to order a hearing aid at the end of the year?

What about reimbursement?

Many people with hearing loss do not receive full insurance reimbursement when purchasing hearing aids. This means that many people have to pay for the hearing aids themselves. Often it is possible to get a partial refund through the tax department. After all, these are health care costs that are often tax deductible. So if you order a hearing aid in the last weeks of December, you can deduct these costs directly in the new year when you do your tax return. That way you’ll have (some) of the money back the quickest!

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Until when can the bill be on 2021?

The invoice can be on this year as long as it is this year. That means that if you pay on December 31, your bill will be on this year. So you are not too late and still have every chance to arrange your hearing aid this year. Need help making the right choice? We are available until December 31st every day until 22:00 via chat

Daarom is het verstandig om de batterij 2 minuten te laten liggen en daarna in het hoortoestel te stoppen, dan ben je zeker van een goed werkende batterij en gaat de batterij ook langer mee. De meest gangbare batterijen die gebruikt worden voor hoortoestellen vind je op de volgende pagina:

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Welke type hoortoestel batterijen zijn er?

For years we have been collecting hearing aids that are discarded by people with hearing disabilities in the Netherlands. After the Corona pandemic we will bring these to Nepal. Together with our audiologists, we will help Nepalese hearing-impaired children and adults to improve their hearing. After all, our mission is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy better hearing.

Do you order a hearing aid from us? Then we will make a donation to the Child Welfare Nepal Foundation! Do you also deliver your old hearing devices to us? Then we take these devices with us to Nepal next year.

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