Why it's smart to buy a hearing aid this year!

Ice creams are sold mainly in summer, when people are in need of cooling off. The gyms fill up again just before summer, so everyone can hit the beach with a toned body. And hearing aids? These are mainly ordered at the end of the year. Why is this? And why is it wise to buy a hearing aid this year? We’ll tell you in this blog.

What about Own risk and reimbursement?

Have you already incurred more healthcare costs and are you through your deductible? Then you can save substantially on the purchase of new hearing aids. This is because when you buy new hearing aids, your insurance will also apply the deductible.

What about reimbursement?

Many hearing-impaired people do not get (full) reimbursement from their health insurance when buying a premium hearing aid. This means that many hearing-impaired people have to pay for premium hearing aids themselves. But, it is often possible to get some of the money back through the tax authorities. After all, they are healthcare costs and are often tax deductible. So, if you order a premium hearing aid in the last weeks of December, you can deduct this cost in the new year on your 2021-2022 tax return. This way, you will receive some of the money back.

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Until when can the bill be in 2022?

The bill can be on this year as long as it is still 2022. That means that if you pay on 31 December 2022, your invoice will still be on this year. So you are not too late and still have a chance to buy your hearing aid this year! Need help making the right decision? We are available on our chat until 22:00 every day!

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Our audiologists recommend these hearing aids for 2022

Phonak Audéo Lumity Life L90-RL - waterproof


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Starkey Evolv AI 2400 ITC R - rechargeable


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Starkey Evolv IIC

ReSound ONE M&RIE 961 - Rechargeable


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Resound 961

Widex MOMENT Sheer 110 sRIC R D - Rechargeable


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Widex 110 sRIC

Do something good for yourself and others!

For years, we have been collecting hearing aids that are no longer used in the Netherlands. We will bring these to Nepal in 2023. Together with our audiologists, we will help Nepalese hearing-impaired children and adults to enjoy better hearing. After all, our mission is to help as many people as possible to better hearing!

Do you order a hearing aid from us? Then we will make a donation to the Child Welfare Organisation Nepal! If you bring us your old hearing aids, we will take them to Nepal next year and donate them to someone who needs them but cannot afford them.

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