Why a contemporary hearing aid is your ideal travel partner abroad

Modern hearing aids such as the Starkey Livio AI are much more than a hearing aid with great sound quality. Because it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you can use all kinds of useful functionalities, even on holiday. You may be putting off a long trip for now, but prepare yourself for the next trip by reading what you can leave at home next time and what you should pack. Because how about a translation function, pedometer and streaming music through your hearing aid? Make sure to put this great hearing aid on your packing list when you travel (and delete the dictionaries, pedometer and headphones).

Have conversations with locals via the translation function * with internet

On a Spanish terrace, in a Turkish shop or on a Russian market: with the Starkey Livio AI you always have a personal interpreter with you. With the translation function you can understand conversations in 27 languages. You just have to activate this function in the Thrive app on your phone, and select the desired language. Then you hold your phone in the direction of your conversation partner and the text is translated. You read the translation on your phone and hear it in your ear. Your answer will also be translated and your conversation partner can read on your telephone. Very nice!

Therefore, it is wise to leave the battery for 2 minutes and then put it in the hearing aid, then you can be sure of a properly functioning battery and the battery will also last longer. The most common batteries used for hearing aids can be found on the next page:

Listen to music on the go

On the plane, bus, car or at the pool; it is always nice to listen to your own music while traveling. With the Starkey Livio AI that is always possible, because it is linked to your phone via Bluetooth. You no longer have to take separate earphones with you on vacation, because you can simply listen to your own Spotify list or your favorite radio station through your hearing aid.

Pedometer while traveling

Daarom is het verstandig om de batterij 2 minuten te laten liggen en daarna in het hoortoestel te stoppen, dan ben je zeker van een goed werkende batterij en gaat de batterij ook langer mee. De meest gangbare batterijen die gebruikt worden voor hoortoestellen vind je op de volgende pagina:

Hands-free calling with the home front

While you ride a camel, eat a huge ice cream, or chill by the pool, you can easily make hands-free calls via your Starkey Livio AI. Because it is linked to your telephone, you only have to record and then simply call through your hearing aid. No need for a separate hands-free set. You listen and talk through your hearing aid, without having to do anything extra. It couldn’t be more relaxed than that, can it?

Speech to text, also in other languages

A very useful feature on the Starkey Livio AI is the “speech to text” function. You can record a conversation by turning it into a typed text with your hearing aid. This function can also be used in 27 different languages, so it is also useful on holiday. Do you want to read the explanation of your guide again in your hotel room, or know what those people at the pool were talking about? Record the conversation with your hearing aid and read it back later in the Thrive app.

Don't forget anything on vacation

Also on holiday you don’t want to forget to take your medicine or be late for that wonderful massage. With a Starkey Livio AI, you won’t forget anything on vacation, because you can easily set reminders on your hearing aid via the Thrive app. You may even be reminded to apply every hour.

Fall Alert

Do you enjoy sporty holidays, and do you like to go cycling or walking on your own? Then it can give a safe feeling that the Starkey Livio AI has “fall detection and alarm”. When you fall, a message is sent via the alarm system to a maximum of three contacts. These will receive a notification that you have fallen and where you are. The fallen person will also immediately receive a notification in their ear that the messages have been sent and received. That’s why you know help is on the way!

No batteries

A hearing aid that works on batteries is not useful. You have to make sure you have spare batteries everywhere (at home, in your bag, at work and in the car) “just in case”. On vacation it is completely inconvenient, because you don’t want to be constantly afraid of suddenly not hearing anything anymore. That is why it is so very handy that the Starkey Livio AI is rechargeable. Just plug it in at night and enjoy it all day long. Ideal!

In short, go on holiday and take your Starkey Livio AI with you! Remember to take out good insurance and do not forget to take it off when you go swimming. Then I wish you a great holiday!

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