Which hearing aids are more of a gadget than a hearing aid?

Did you know that it takes someone on average 7 years from the moment they first have “complaints” of their hearing until they actually buy their first hearing aid? This is because the threshold is very high for taking this step. There is a mega taboo about hearing aids, people associate it with growing old and being elderly. While that is not the case at all, because most hearing aid users are under 60 years old!

Manufacturers are therefore increasingly working to ensure that the threshold is lowered, so that the hearing impaired takes this step sooner. But on the other hand, they also ensure that current hearing aid users are increasingly satisfied with their hearing aid. Nowadays, every brand has a hearing aid that can connect directly to the phone, so you can make a phone call through the hearing aid or stream music. This allows you to have a relaxed telephone conversation, because you do not have to worry that you do not understand it well.

You can also fully enjoy the music that is played over the hearing aids. There are a few types of hearing aids that really stand out, our hearing care professionals would be happy to tell you more about them!

Starkey Evolv Ai 2400 CIC Bluetooth functionalities

1. Starkey Evolv AI

The Starkey Evolv AI is an advanced hearing aid with extra features. The Thrive app offers a pedometer, fall detection, and translation function in 27 languages. The hearing aid uses the Edge chip for better sound processing and noise reduction, and adapts to the individual user's hearing needs with "Ear ID" technology. The Evolv AI has a redesigned touchscreen control system, longer battery life, and is available in different styles and colors. In summary, the Starkey Evolv AI is a multifunctional and advanced hearing aid.

Starkey Evolv AI

2. Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Paradise can connect directly to an iPhone as well as an Android phone. The sound quality of the streaming is fantastic, a warm and full sound. Music lovers in particular therefore choose this model so that they can fully enjoy an advanced hearing aid that can also be used as “headphones”.

Phonak Paradise hoortoestellen

3. Widex Moment

The Widex Moment has a function called the Soundlense Learn, this is an artificial intelligence technology that ensures that you can tailor your hearing aids even better to your unique listening situations. This ensures that you can get the most out of your hearing aid. In addition to this function, there is also the possibility of direct streaming of music, because the microphones remain active, you are not completely cut off from the environment and you can still hear it when someone is talking to you.

Widex Moment

As hearing aids are increasingly becoming a gadget, our hearing care professionals are seeing a change that people with lighter hearing losses (less than 35dB) are also more likely to opt for a hearing aid. Who wouldn’t want to hear a telephone conversation in both ears and have your hands free in the meantime? Or that you are exercising and do not have the hassle of your music ears falling out of your ears during your workout. Therefore, take a quick look at our website for the different models and types. If you have any questions or would like more information, our hearing care professionals are available every day from 09:00 – 22:00 via our chat function.

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