Improve your hearing by replacing your hearing aid with a newer one. In this blog, we explore the expectations you may have. Learn how a new device can change your life and increase your confidence in social interactions and activities.


Replacing your hearing aid

The decision to switch to a new hearing aid can be a life-changing step for people struggling with hearing loss. Modern technologies have made it possible to improve hearing aids and tailor them even better to the individual needs of the user. Advanced hearing aids often have the option to adjust automatically. This means that the hearing aid adapts to different sound environments, making it easy to hear well without the need for manual adjustments. If this doesn't suit you, you can always adjust it manually.


Improved sound quality

One of the most noticeable differences when replacing your hearing aid is the improved sound quality. Newer models are often equipped with even more advanced sound processing technologies that make it possible to hear sounds even clearer and more natural. This can range from improving speech intelligibility in noisy environments to optimizing music experiences. It's important to know that it helps a lot if you are open to and willing to learn about these technologies. Dare to give it a chance!


More comfort and convenience

Another advantage of replacing your hearing aid is the improved comfort and convenience. Newer models are often even more compact and ergonomic, making them more comfortable to wear for longer periods. Moreover, they can be equipped with features such as wireless connectivity, allowing users to effortlessly switch between different sound sources, such as phone calls, television, and music. When you replace your hearing aid, it can last up to 7 years. Newer hearing aids are often also rechargeable and more practical to use.


An interview with an audiologist

To better understand what people can expect when renewing their hearing aid, we spoke with Marijn. Marijn has been an audiologist for over 13 years and is also hard of hearing.

Question: What can people expect when they replace their hearing aid with a newer one?

Marijn: It can be more comfortable behind the ear. The sounds can be more accurate, clear, and detailed. Newer devices are often easier to use. This means that there are apps and/or programs that are easy to use to adjust your hearing aid to your preferences.


Question: What were the main benefits for you when replacing your hearing aid with a newer one?

Marijn: I don't want to be busy setting up my hearing aids and want the hearing aid to do the work for me.

Advanced hearing aids adjust automatically to different sound environments, making it easy to hear without manual adjustments. You can still adjust something, but you don't have to.

This gives a sense of peace, and I can enjoy conversations in noise without being busy with an app to set up my hearing aids.


Question: Are there any other aspects you benefited from when you replaced your hearing aid?

Marijn: Due to my hearing loss, I am also more sensitive to sound, so I quickly get annoyed by contact sounds being too loud. Contact sounds include, for example, cutlery clattering on a plate, a cup being placed on the countertop, etc. Advanced hearing aids have better sound quality, so such sounds are less loud/sharp. This provides a lot of comfort without affecting the amplification of my hearing aids.



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