What is the difference between the Signia Silk 7 Nx and the Signia Silk 7 X?

If you think that a hearing aid has to be very big, produces an unnatural sound, is very ugly and visible, and is especially annoying when you wear glasses that get in the way of your beloved reading glasses a hundred times a day (yes, count them!), then you should listen to and see the Signia Silk 7X!

Signia is a German quality-oriented company that has been manufacturing technologically high-quality hearing aids for more than 130 years.

Because a soft silicone sleeve always fits, almost everyone can wear the Signia Silk 7 (N)x. Your hearing care professional can advise you whether this hearing aid is suitable for you. Because there are several sizes of sleeves, which you can easily click on yourself, there is no need to make an impression of your ears and you do not have to wait weeks for the hearing aid to be custom made.

Still in doubt? Then check below for a short summary of the features of the Signia Silk 7 X:

  • Almost invisible hearing aid
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Fits almost any ear
  • No waiting time and fast delivery
  • Controllable with an app on Android and Ios smartphones
  • Operable with a remote control (the mini pocket)
  • Easier phone calls
  • For use with headphones


In conclusion, there is actually no reason not to choose this high-tech gadget. It is Signia’s best in-the-ear hearing aid you could buy. Treat yourself to this beautiful hearing aid and enjoy the sublime sound quality and the convenience of wireless control and invisibility. Ask your hearing care professional if the Signia Silk 7 X is right for you.

Any questions?

So don’t wait too long to get a hearing aid, because it can bring you so many positive things. If you have any questions or need advice, our audiologists are available 7 days a week via chat from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.!