What is the difference between the Signia Silk 7 Nx and the Signia Silk 7 X?

If you think that a hearing aid has to be very big, produces an unnatural sound, is very ugly and visible, and is especially annoying when you wear glasses that get in the way of your beloved reading glasses a hundred times a day (yes, count them!), then you should listen to and see the Signia Silk 7X!

Signia is a German quality-oriented company that has been manufacturing technologically high-quality hearing aids for more than 130 years.

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Every day, manufacturers are working to make the sound of a hearing aid even more natural and to make speech easier to hear without being affected by other disturbing sounds. You might even hear better than the average person who usually waits 7 years to do something about their hearing loss.

The Signia Silk 7 Nx has already proven itself as one of the smallest hearing aids that sits almost invisibly in your ear since June 2018. Only a small mocha or black-coloured flap is visible if someone were to actually look into your ear next to you. You don’t have to bother with your (reading) glasses, you don’t have to bother with those annoying mouth caps and the chance of losing them is therefore also a lot smaller.

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But now there is also the successor to the Signia Silk 7 Nx and that is the Signia Silk 7 X ! The X stands for the newest platform (the Xperience) and can calculate even faster. Because that is what a chip does. Very fast calculations, so that it always recognises the right listening environment and adapts to your specific hearing needs at that moment! The faster it can do that, the better you hear. This new platform is also capable of reproducing sound with as little ambient noise as possible. Customers find this wonderfully calm and natural. The sound is crystal clear and music has never sounded better.

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