What can you do with a TV accessory from a hearing aid?

TV solutions without hearing aid

For many people, television is a good indicator of how their hearing is doing. This is also the most common complaint with an incipient hearing loss that the television has to be turned up, often to the annoyance of those around it. If the hearing loss is not yet sufficient for a hearing aid but there are already complaints, then someone can use wireless headphones or chin restraints. These headphones and chin restraints are wireless and can be connected to the television in such a way that sound still comes out of the speakers. The surroundings can then regulate their own volume on the television. This is an ideal interim solution to ensure that you can listen to the television in a relaxed manner!

TV solutions with hearing aid

For hearing impaired people who already wear a hearing aid, a wireless headphone or chin strap could also be a solution but the big disadvantage is that the hearing aids have to be turned off. You are then more closed off from your surroundings, it can be that you do not hear the phone ringing or if your partner asks if you want another cup of coffee you do not react.

The development of hearing aids is very fast and especially in the last few years the manufacturers have made an enormous step in improving and optimising the techniques. One of the improvements is that the hearing aids can connect directly to a TV accessory. This is a small box that is connected to the television, the hearing aids are in direct contact without the need for a chain or clip.

The microphones of the hearing aids remain active, so you are not completely cut off from your surroundings. The hearing aids also have a corresponding app, with which you can control the sound of the hearing aids but also of the TV accessories. One manufacturer really stands out here and that is Widex, they have released the TV Play that you can use with the Widex Moment hearing aids. The Widex TV Play uses My Sound which allows you to adjust not only the overall volume, but also the timbre of the sound in a few seconds. This is much more extensive than what other manufacturers have, where you can only adjust the overall volume.

TV tools

Connecting TV accessories to more devices

The hearing aids have direct streaming capability, allowing you to connect the devices to your phone or tablet. Not every computer or laptop is capable of connecting directly to your hearing aids. If the hearing aids cannot be connected directly to the computer or laptop, you can use the TV accessories to connect them. You will then hear the sound directly through the hearing aids, just like on a mobile phone.

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