Mouth mask and hearing aids: quite a challenge

If you wear a hearing aid in combination with a mouth mask and your surroundings also cover the mouth, you can run into the following.

  • The rubber bands of your mouth mask can pull on the tube or wire that connects your hearing aid to the earmold or speaker in your ear. In addition to being uncomfortable, with a hearing aid with speaker, there is a risk of wire breakage so that you no longer hear sound.
  • Another more common problem – with all its consequences – is that your hearing aid can fall when you remove the mouth mask without you noticing. Now a hearing aid can take a beating, but losing a hearing aid is not the intention.
  • Finally, communicating is a lot more difficult for people with hearing loss. When the mouth is covered you cannot rely on important visual cues, such as lip reading and facial expression. Speech is also significantly muted.

    Solutions for hearing aid wearers!

    As a hearing aid wearer you probably already have experience with one of the above challenges. The good news is that the problems are fixable. Think of: alternative mouth masks and aids, but also by adjusting the communication and settings of your hearing aids!

  • Alternative masks: use masks with ribbons instead of rubber bands. This way you prevent your hearing aid from getting caught in the rubber bands of your mouth mask. As an alternative you can think of a fully or partially transparent mouth mask, a so-called ‘Face Protection Shield ‘ or a mouth mask with a window. The problem of no facial expression and not being able to read lips has been solved.
  • Tools: buy a so-called mouth mask neckband An intermediate piece that connects the rubber bands or ribbons of your mouth mask behind your head. This insert ensures that your ears remain free for your hearing aids. A handy additional advantage is that these also remove the pressure and friction from the elastics from the ears. Wearing a mouth mask becomes more comfortable.

  • Adapt hearing aids to mouth mask!

    When wearing a mouth mask, important pitches are muffled. Good news: the hearing care professional world is constantly on the move. An adapted mouth mask program is now available for Signia hearing aids. When wearing a mouth mask, such a mouth mask program – through your hearing aid – compensates for the attenuation and distortion of speech. You can operate the special mouth mask program by means of your corresponding hearing aid app or via the button on your hearing aid.

    Do you want to view the hearing aids with which you can easily hear voices from behind a mouth mask? Then view the hearing aids with optimal speech understanding programs.

    Discover the hearing aids with speech understanding program

    Limited hearing stickers

    Pay extra attention to the method of communication. Speak calmly and clearly. Look at each other while you talk and take turns speaking. Do you want people to see from a distance that you are hard of hearing while wearing a mouth mask? So-called “Limited Hearing” sticker sheets are available for textile use. You can stick these yellow stickers on your fabric mouth mask. People know from afar that they have to take your impaired hearing into account.

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