Updates on your phone and your hearing aid app: how do you deal with this?

Nowadays, the latest generation of hearing aids work better and better with your phone. This gives a lot of nice new extra functions that can make you hear better but also give you more convenience. This includes the possibility to influence which sounds you do and do not want to hear, turn it louder and quieter, but also functions such as pedometers or wireless calling and listening to music through your hearing aid.

Unfortunately, it is not obvious to everyone how this all works and how it continues to work. That is why I am going to tell you a bit about how you can ensure that this not only works once you start wearing the product for the first time, but can also continue to use it in the future.

Below I will tell you more about 2 topics:

  • Updates to your app and your hearing aid
  • Notifications and updates that come through as sound on your hearing aid(s)

First and best tip I can give you, restart your phone and hearing aids if the connection stops working!

Once in a while your mobile phone comes out with an update, this often happens to add extra functions or to further improve security.

As soon as this happens, it can unfortunately sometimes be that the app you have installed for your hearing aid no longer works properly with your hearing aid. In that case, the manufacturer of your hearing aid will also come up with an update to make it compatible again.

It is also possible that the manufacturer of the hearing aid itself comes with extra functions or improvements that require you to update the app. You can easily update this via your phone’s app store. All you need to do is have an internet connection (WiFi or via your mobile network) and open the app store (with iPhone this is the Appstore and with Samsung and other Android devices this is the Google Playstore). Then you go to the apps heading and press: “update”. Even with the best hearing aids, this has to be done once in a while.

If you have done this you will see that in 9 out of 10 cases your app will work again. Is this not the case? Restart both your phone and your hearing aid once and see if it all works again.

In some cases, unfortunately, your hearing aid also needs to be updated. With certain brands, this can simply be done via your hearing aid app on your phone, but with others, this should really be done by the hearing care professional. This is often a piece of cake, but it does take a while.

At Widex this can be done by yourself via the app (if you want even automatically).

For Phonak, Unitron, Signia, Widex and Oticon, this unfortunately has to be done in the shop at the hearing care professional.

According to the manufacturers, the reason that this must be done by the hearing care professional is because the connection must be very stable in order to perform the update.

Fortunately, the hearing aid will continue to function properly even without this update, but you may not get the most out of what you can get out of it. By performing the update, you ensure that you continue to walk with the best hearing aid. Our hearing care professionals are always ready to perform these updates for you. It is arranged within a few minutes and is a great pleasure. To make an appointment for this, please refer to the contact page

Video chat - Make an appointment with Hearing Care Professional

Welke type hoortoestel batterijen zijn er?

We also sometimes get the question whether the updates of beeps and signals can be turned off from your mobile phone. First tip is turn off your keyboard click. This way you prevent that you hear a sound with every keystroke and you might become annoyed over time.

Furthermore, with Android phones you can always turn your sound softer and louder so that you receive the signals less. You could also see whether you should not have apps give less notifications anyway (think of turning off nonsensical news updates or not allowing other notifications to come through). If you really don’t want to get an update anymore, you can always choose to turn off the bluetooth. For example, the streaming of the sound temporarily stops and you are not disturbed by all the beeps and sounds from your phone. If you always want to be able to respond quickly to messages, etc., this is not recommended.

Another option could be to switch the phone to airplane mode. This is a mode in which all connections of the phone are temporarily silenced. As a result, you cannot be called, texted, e-mailed, FaceTimed or WhatsApp for a while. You should not forget to turn this off again as soon as you want to be reached again.

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