What does the buyer protection cover?

Every Trusted Shops-certified webshop has been checked and assessed on the safe purchasing of products or services.
Whether it provides a pleasant shopping experience has also been taken into account. And in the event of a problem or dispute,

the Trusted Shops buyer protection will always ensure that your purchase amount is safe.

What counts as a guarantee certificate?

Your proof of purchase counts as proof of warranty! This also applies to the 5-year warranty service from Onlinehoergeraet.de. The warranty period is calculated from the day of purchase on your proof of purchase. You will find the corresponding invoice in your personal account. Log in here to view your invoice.  


Registering with Trusted Shops is free of charge and this will get you:

  • Insurance for up to €2,500 per purchase
  • Security, regardless of the payment method that you choose
  • An overview of all of your purchases
  • Personal, professional support

How do I use buyer protection?

Automatically effective when you order
If you are not a Trusted Shops user yet, you can decide on the shop’s thank-you page whether you wish
to ensure your purchases for an amount of up to €2,500 free of charge.

What does the certification mean to me as an online shopper?
Any webshop carrying Trusted Shops certification has been vetted thoroughly by our legal experts.
Below, we explain what that means in practice and what criteria we apply. That way we can be sure that all certified webshops actually are safe and reliable.

Security and data protection
Personal data are only collected by the webshop if this is legally permitted or after you have given explicit permission.
You will be informed clearly about the use of your data. In addition, the webshop must take appropriate measures to protect your personal data against misuse.

Cancelling and returning
The cancellation conditions describe under what conditions you can return an order,
for example if it fails to meet your expectations. If the cancellation conditions contain any limitations,
it is checked whether these are permissible – for example with regard to hygiene products or custom-made products.

Products and costs
It has been checked whether the products we offer are clearly and intelligibly described in our webshop. All product prices, shipping costs and other possible costs are indicated transparently.

Orders and transparency
By means of a test order procedure it is checked whether all statutory provisions are satisfied.
In addition, we check whether the ordering procedure is transparent, from your first mouse click to receipt of your products.

Service and shopping experience
In addition to the statutory requirements imposed on webshops by Trusted Shops,
they also check webshops on the basis of other criteria, such as customer service and the shopping experience as a whole.


When does the buyer protection apply?

The buyer protection offers complete protection of all your online purchases with certified shops.
This means that you as a buyer are protected against the loss of your purchase amount.
You can be certain that your purchase is insured in the following events:

- Your order never arrived

- The package was lost during shipment, handed to the wrong person or dropped off somewhere without your permission.

- You failed to receive a refund

- You cancelled your order and returned the product, but the webshop failed to refund the purchase amount.

- Service was not received

- You were unable to use a service that you ordered.

Trusted Shops Review Team

In the event of irregularities, the Trusted Shops Review Team experts are immediately available to check
individual reviews and decide what action to take. This means that improper or potentially fake reviews won’t even show up on your screen.

Trusted Shops

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30,000 webshops
25 million members
900,000 orders per day
38,000 reviews per day

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