Many people, despite poor hearing, do not want to get started on a hearing aid. They find it too conspicuous and are ashamed to wear a hearing aid. Perhaps it is because of a representative function that you have or that you just don’t like it. When choosing a hearing aid, the size of the device is perhaps one of the most important things that ultimately determine which one it will be for you. After all, the smaller the less visible and therefore more beautiful.

Is such a small device possible for you? Please note that there are a number of factors that can influence the choice of such a small hearing aid. Such as the degree of hearing loss, the functionalities you want to use and the size of an ear canal. Of course there are more factors that determine choice. The hearing care professionals at Online-HearingAids.com can advise you in making your choice. Here they are:

1. The Lyric from Phonak

The Phonak Lyric is the only device currently on the market that is completely invisible is because it is placed deep in the ear canal. This device has a unique concept whereby the device remains in place for 2.5 / 3 months. After that time the battery will be empty and a new one will have to be installed. It is even possible that after a short training the user can place the device himself, so you no longer have to come to the location. Invisible, very small, comfortable and very practical! In addition, many people can be helped to reduce or completely mask a troublesome tinnitus. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

2. The Silk 7NX from Signia

The Signia (formerly Siemens) Silk 7NX is a very small in-ear device which, with silicone clip-on earpieces, is very comfortable in the ear sits. You do not need to have impressions made of the ear for this. The latest technology is used and the device can be operated extensively by the Touch control app on your smartphone. Volume, programs and tone controls can then be adjusted by the user. Only changing programs or adjusting volume can also be done with a separate remote control. Suitable for moderate and mild hearing losses.

3. The Moment from Widex

The Moment from Widex is a behind the ear device, but it certainly belongs in this list of small devices. Why? The Moment is the newest and smallest rechargeable hearing aid with completely new techniques that reproduce the sound very faithfully. The device can be fully controlled with an app on your smartphone and you learn the hearing aid yourself, using “artificial Intelligence” to adapt to difficult situations. You can listen to music or videos directly from your tablet or smartphone and with your smartphone the telephone is fantastic because you receive the voice of the speaker on the other end of the line directly in your ears. This tst is suitable for light to heavier losses.

4. The Sound Lens iQ2400 from Starkey

The Starkey SoundLens iQ i2400 is a hearing aid with the most advanced technology, combined in an invisible hearing solution. This small and very comfortable hearing aid is custom made and sits invisibly in the ear canal. This removes the barrier for the hearing impaired to wear a visible hearing aid, because the hearing aid is no longer visible to the environment. SoundLens iQ i2400 is a wireless hearing aid and has the option to link various accessories. Think of a remote control and a TV transmitter (with which you can hear the sound of the TV directly in your ears). With the Surflink Mobile 2 accessory you can also have a phone call via your SoundLens iQ i2400 hearing aid. The “i” version is slightly larger than the standard version because of these extra options: Starkey SoundLens Q 2400 hearing aid. So the difference is in the “i” for 2400.


Of course there are many more invisible and small solutions. Finding a hearing aid that suits you is not always easy. With your wishes, the hearing care professionals at Online Hearing Aid can advise on the smallest solution that gives you the best result.

We also pay attention to the little ones!

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