Tinnitus Week: Hundreds of tinnitus patients are already benefiting from Lyric

February 4-10 is “Ringing in the Ear Week.” During this week, the Hoormij Foundation and Lyriccentrum ask extra attention for tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Ringing in the ears is an important topic: even 20% of young people already suffer from ringing in the ears. Next week, various forms of treatments, tips on dealing with tinnitus and stories of experience will be shared. Lyriccentrum has helped hundreds of tinnitus patients over the years with the only 100% invisible hearing aid that is worn day and night. By publicizing this, Lyriccentrum hopes to make the Lyric as a possible solution for tinnitus more widely known.

Reduce tinnitus with hearing aids

esearch shows that people who experience tinnitus in an annoying way benefit from a hearing aid. The group of people who wore the Lyric hearing aid in this study showed an even faster and higher decrease magnitude of the Tinnitus Functional Index compared to the group who used a normal hearing aid. The Lyric group also showed a higher “success indicator” of clinically significant decreases in TFI scores. Therefore, Lyric can be recommended by clinicians to Lyric eligible people who have bothersome tinnitus for faster and greater tinnitus relief.

What is Lyric and why does it work?

Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible hearing aid that is worn day and night and remains permanently in the ear canal for up to 3 months. Although there is no tinnitus treatment or ringing in the ears, this condition can be reduced or even temporarily eliminated with a Lyric hearing aid. Our experience is that of all hearing aids we offer, the Lyric hearing aid works best against tinnitus, tinnitus or a beep in the ear. Our hearing care professionals believe this is because the Lyric hearing aid is very deep in the ear, about 3 mm from the eardrum. This is much deeper than any other hearing aid and has a positive effect on reducing or eliminating the beep or noise. Moreover, the brain gets used to the new situation faster than with a traditional hearing aid because the Lyric is worn permanently.

People who suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears often also have a hearing loss. The hearing loss even makes people hear the beep even louder, because the ambient noise is less audible. A Lyric hearing aid can also eliminate that hearing loss, so that people can hear the surrounding sound better and hear the beep less loudly or even not at all.

About Lyriccentrum

Lyriccentrum is part of Online-HearingAids.com. The hearing care professionals who were the first to place Lyrics in the Netherlands in 2014 and introduced them in the Netherlands now work for this organization. Lyriccentrum is the only one that employs a permanent group of Lyric specialists who have been placing lyrics since the very beginning. During these years of experience, these Lyric specialists have helped hundreds of tinnitus patients with an invisible and effective solution for their tinnitus.

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