The top 3 hearing aids for listening to music and Bluetooth support

Making phone calls and streaming music via your hearing aids are possible nowadays thanks to hearing aids that offer direct or indirect Bluetooth support, enabling you to turn your hearing aid into a wireless headset.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids – what’s the advantage?

The advantage is that you will hear your caller in both ears instead of one, enormously increasing audibility and making it much easier for you to understand them. This applies not only to private calls, but also to work-related calls, where communication by phone is very important. As you are hearing you caller though your hearing aids, you will be able to take notes since your hands are free.

Many hearing aid users also enjoy listening to podcasts, music or videos. And with today’s technology, it’s possible to use our hearing aids as a headset, thanks to the option of using wireless streaming. How cool is that?!

Streaming even makes navigating while cycling or driving possible. You will hear all directions via your hearing aids, ensuring that you won’t get lost and will arrive at your destination.

Technology is always advancing. That’s why for you as a hearing aid user it’s so wonderful to be able to put these developments to good use!

Discover our Bluetooth hearing aids

Phonak Paradise

Direct access to voice control with a single tap on your hearing aid. You can take calls directly with a single button press. The Phonak Paradise is able to connect to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can even connect your hearing aids to your laptop or tablet if it supports Bluetooth. The Phonak Paradise allows you to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them. That’s very handy in case you have a smartphone for private use as wellas a smartphone for work. For hearing aid users, listening to television, music or podcasts is easier than ever. In order to use this technology, hearing aids that support Bluetooth are required. Below you will find the Phonak series that support Bluetooth.

  • Naida Paradise Audeo Paradise Audeo Marvel Bolero Marvel Naida Marvel Virto Marvel

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