The top 10 hearing aids of 2021

What are a lot of hearing aids on the market, can you no longer see the forest for the trees? Then here I have THE top 10 hearing aids of 2021 for you and why these hearing aids belong in the top 10. These top 10 hearing aids are in no particular order.

1. Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise hearing aid is a multifunctional hearing aid that delivers exceptional sound quality and that you can expect to understand well in any difficult listening situation. Hearing aids have been expanded in recent years with many new functions for greater ease of use. For example, you can opt for the rechargeable technology, but your mobile phone can also be directly connected to your hearing aids. This direct connection allows phone calls and music to be streamed directly to the hearing aids. This is also possible for the TV. The Phonak Paradise devices can have multiple Bluetooth devices connected at the same time. This hearing aid is made to be paired with IOS and Android phones. Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable available, the hearing aid is remotely adjustable.

2. Widex Moment

Widex is known for its natural sound, which makes music come across beautifully, but it is also a very pleasant sound in all other listening situations. The Widex Moment is the very latest and most innovative hearing aid from Widex and is one of the first self-learning hearing aids in the world by means of “Artificial intelligence”. This has begun a new era for hearing solutions. Your preferred settings are used via the Soundsense learn app on your phone. Thanks to the self-learning system, the device remembers the preferences you have set in each environment. This is immediately audible, even if you have never visited the location in question. Using the app as a remote control, making phone calls directly and streaming music from your phone or tablet, it’s all possible with the Widex Moment. The wireless gadgets in the hearing aid make the device suitable for anyone who goes for comfort and who wants to visit the hearing care professional as little as possible for adjustments. Thanks to the clear sound quality, it is particularly suitable hearing aid for people who find it difficult to get used to sharp sounds and are looking for the best solution in complex hearing situations.

This hearing aid is designed to be paired with IOS phones. The hearing aid is available both rechargeable and non-rechargeabler

3. Starkey Livio Edge

The Starkey Livio EDGE AI hearing aid is revolutionary because of the many sensors in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) by using this the hearing aids can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Furthermore, the hearing aid is equipped with the “Hearing reality Pro” system, which makes the device even better able to recognize different environments and adjust the sound accordingly. The hearing aid distinguishes itself with the following functionalities: Heart rate monitor, Translation into 27 languages, traceable and an alarm system when you fall. This hearing aid is also remotely adjustable and is made for IOS and Android phones. The hearing aid is available both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

4. Oticon More

Oticon has launched Oticon More, a new hearing aid that builds on the company’s BrainHearing approach to provide the brain with optimal input for better speech understanding with less effort. Oticon’s latest technology works more like the brain works because it has learned through experience, the company says.

“Oticon More is the world’s first hearing aid to use a built-in Deep Neural Network (DNN) trained on more than 12 million lifelike sounds.” Each sound that passes through the hearing aid is compared to the results discovered during the learning phase. This helps Oticon More to deliver a complete and accurately balanced sound scene that makes it easier for the brain to perform optimally. According to Oticon, speech in noise is processed more like the human brain, based on extensive experiential learning, not a limited set of man-made rules. The result is a more natural representation of all sounds and an additional 15 percent increase in speech understanding. This hearing aid is remotely adjustable and is made to connect with IOS and the newer Android phones. The hearing aid is available both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

5. Signia Styletto

For the real fashionistas among us, the hearing aid has a beautiful design. With a great sound experience, just like all other Signia devices, a unique Own Voice Processing so that you hear your own voice very naturally. Where other hearing aids only stand out for great sound quality, the Styletto Connect is also beautifully designed. They actually look like earpods and that makes them so fashionable to wear. This hearing aid can be connected to both IOS and Android hearing aids, the hearing aid is remotely adjustable and has a very natural sound experience. This hearing aid is available both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

6. Phonak Virto Titanium

The Phonak Virto Titanium hearing aid can be described in three words as “strong, light and small”. The hearing aid is, as the name suggests, made of titanium. Titanium is a super strong and ultra light metal. The metal ensures that the Phonak Virto M90 Titanium is no less than 26% smaller than a plastic hearing aid. The hearing aid is so small that it is virtually invisible. The device is comfortable to wear due to the tailor-made fit and the ultra-light weight. The only downside to this hearing aid is that there is no room for some functions due to its small size. Depending on the size of your ear canal, there is room to add more options to the device. The Phonak Virto Titanium hearing aid has high speech intelligibility. In noisy environments, the device ensures that all noise is filtered and that only the conversations with the people are received.

7. Signia Silk NX

The Signia Silk 7Nx offers a natural listening experience. The hearing aid is an in-ear hearing aid that does not require customization and fits almost every ear canal. Thanks to the silicone ClickSleeves in different sizes, Silk Nx fits comfortably in the ear. You can turn this hearing aid louder and softer and change programs with the touch control app.

8. Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric is the only hearing aid that is truly invisible, this hearing aid is placed microscopically by a Lyric specialist due to the placement and the anologous technique that gives this hearing aid the most natural sound. Especially for people with tinnitus complaints, a solution because the hearing aid is in the ear 24/7 and therefore offers continuous amplification, you will have much less trouble with your tinnitus. Lyric is the first and only 100% invisible hearing aid that is worn day and night and remains permanently in the ear canal for up to 3 months. So no batteries, no maintenance and you can shower, exercise and sleep with it. Just like the good of hearing, you hear day and night without having to do anything.

9. Unitron D Moxi

What a beautiful line this is from the unitron brand, the hearing aid ensures that you can still understand well in all difficult listening conditions. With SoundNav 3.0 technology, the hearing aid recognizes and distinguishes seven different listening environments. The hearing aid adapts immediately to the environment where you are. The hearing aid is remotely adjustable and the hearing aid is designed to be paired with both iOS and Android phones. The hearing aid is available both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

10. Resound One

What distinguishes this hearing aid from other hearing aids is that it has a new function, namely the M & RIE option, or the microphone and speaker in the ear, making the sound even more natural and better heard. The Resound ONE has no less than 6 microphones with which you can activate the ultra focus to be able to participate in most difficult listening situations. This hearing aid can be connected to both IOS and Android phones. Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, the hearing aid is remotely adjustable.

What a wonderful top 10 in terms of hearing aids, all brands release even more beautiful improved hearing aids every year… We can say the technology is in vain…. The beauty of these times is that almost all hearing aids can be adjusted remotely, you no longer have to go to the hearing care professional for this. How much these little devices can do, you could almost use them even if you don’t have hearing loss.

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