The new hearing aid from Phonak

the Phonak Lumity Slim, has all the impressive features of Phonak's latest "Lumity line." The Phonak Lumity combines a beautiful design without compromising on sound quality. As an audiologist, I find it fantastic that I can offer my clients a hearing aid that incorporates some of the best and latest technologies while also looking amazing!

Sleek and modern,

The  Phonak Slim resembles more of a fashion accessory than a hearing aid. The right and left devices have a unique angle to follow the natural shape of the head and fit well behind the ears. The unique shape also allows for smooth sliding on and off with glasses. They are available in four colors: silver, graphite, copper, and sandalwood.


The Phonak Slim is fully rechargeable and can be charged with the Phonak Slim Charger. The Phonak Slim Charger is a compact charger with a sleek appearance that perfectly matches the Phonak Slim.

The Phonak Slim Charger:

  • Charges the Phonak Slim devices in just 3 hours
  • Has a convenient shape for portability
  • Is easy to clean
  • Rechargeable hearing aid
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In terms of features, the Phonak Slim utilizes AutoSense OS 5.0™ for a precise listening environment.
The AutoSense OS 5.0 is trained using machine learning, based on artificial intelligence. This enables the sound environment to be mimicked even more precisely. It orchestrates the extensive comfort and speech functionality – including the unique Phonak SmartSpeech. The Phonak Audéo Lumity Slim hearing aid fully adjusts to your personal hearing environment.

Stable and high-quality Bluetooth connectivity is also a significant advantage of the Phonak Slim. These hearing aids can stream from both Apple and Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They can be paired with up to 8 different devices and even have two active connections simultaneously. I also love the tap control function, which provides a discreet way to pause and resume streaming or answer and hang up phone calls with a simple tap on the device.

Together against the stigma surrounding hearing aids,

The Phonak Slim is perfect for people looking for a unique hearing aid with superior sound quality. It's great to see manufacturers finally focusing on the design of hearing aids. Hearing aids don't have to be something that needs to be hidden, and this can help combat the stigma of wearing hearing aids and change how people perceive hearing loss. It can also be a great way for people to express their creativity by choosing a standout hearing aid!

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